Apple officially discontinues the iMac Pro

For a time, Apple’s most powerful iMac was the iMac Pro. Though it is an expensive computer, many filmmakers and content creators love it because of its performance. However, Apple decided earlier this month to discontinue the Mac. Apple’s supplies officially ran out last week.

Many factors contributed to Apple’s decision to discontinue the Pro. Ultimately, Apple has more powerful and cheaper options in its current catalog. Apple hasn’t updated the iMac Pro since 2017. The standard iMac and the Mac Pro outperform it.

The iMac Pro is no longer available in the Apple Store app

You no longer can purchase the Pro in the Apple Store app. This applies to every country. Also, Apple changes the Mac compatibility filter for the Pro to 2017. Previously, the filter said 2017 or later. This is a clear indication Apple won’t be making new iMac Pros.

Apple announced its plans to discontinue the iMac Pro earlier this month. It said it would continue to sell the Pro as long as the supplies last. It appears their supplies ran out in under a month. However, though Apple no longer carries the computer. You can still buy the Pro from a third-party source. You just can’t buy the system from the Apple Store. Apple is still selling a few Pros in its refurbished store.

Looking forward

Though Apple’s discontinuing the iMac Pro, it’s still selling various high-end Macs. The company recommends users needing a high-end Mac to pick the August 2020 27-inch iMac. It features a 0-core Core i9 processor, which is faster than standard iMach= Pro. It’s also cheaper.

It’s sad to see the Pro go as many still use the system today. Unfortunately, the computer didn’t get one last major update before its discontinuation as well.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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