Alienware m18 and x16 intro new laptop form factor

Alienware recently revealed six new gaming laptops. Most notable among these are the Alienware m18 And Alienware x16. In particular, the new m18 laptop represents the largest yet in the Alienware laptop lineup.

The new Alienware m18 and x16

Both new laptops feature a 16:10 aspect ratio display for more screen real estate. Plus, the systems include Dolby Atmos spatial audio as well as Dolby Vision. They also feature built-in full HD webcams. For cooling, the systems use Element 31 thermal interface material for both CPU and GPU. A bottom foot design also allows more efficient cooling with increased airflow.

In addition to performance upgrades and an improved design, the new laptops feature an overhauled Alienware Command Center.

The largest Alienware laptop yet

Like other laptops in the Alienware M series, the new Alienware m18 prioritizes performance. It uses up to the latest 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980 HX processor. For graphics, it can support up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 laptop GPU. The system is also available with AMD Ryzen processors and Radeon graphics. The system supports up to nine TB of storage and includes user-replaceable DDR5 SO-DIMM slots.

Besides providing 14 percent more screen real estate, the m18’s size allows for a full-size Cherry MX mechanical keyboard. The display can be configured as a 165 Hz QHD monitor or a 480Hz full HD monitor.

Released alongside the m18 is the m16. This 16-inch laptop offers many of the same hardware options in a smaller form factor.

The sweet spot for the Alienware X Series

Alienware x16
Image of the Alienware x16. Image courtesy: Alienware

More focused on style than the m18, the new Alienware x16 also features a 16:10 aspect ratio, NVIDIA GeForce 4090 graphics, and the latest 13th Gen Intel Core HX processors. Like the m18, you can also opt for AMD CPUs and GPUs if preferred.

Pricing and availability

The Alienware M18 will launch This Winter with high-end configurations, with other configurations coming later in 2023 pricing starts at $2,100. The alien wear M16 will follow a similar release model this winter. Pricing starts at $2,150.

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