After update, Premiere Pro renders 80 percent faster

Each month, Adobe releases updates for its various applications in the Creative Cloud. This month, Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush are the apps Adobe’s updating. Both Premiere Pro and Rush received notable performance improvements, along with a few other improvements.

Let’s break down the updates.

Premiere Pro 14.9

  • Audio filter performance improvement
  • Faster Exports for H264 and HEVC on macOS

Adobe tackled rendering performance in version 14.8 of Premiere Pro. Rendering time will run up to 20 to 80 percent faster than it did before. It’s hard to gauge how often the application will reach 80 percent faster rendering speeds, considering how vast the improvement range is. Still, a 20 percent boost is notable. Also, this update optimizes effects like Analog Delay, Automatic Click Remover, DeEsser, DeNoise, DeReverb, Notch Filter and Mastering.

Additionally, Adobe promises faster exports for H264 and H.265/HEVC on macOS.

Issues fixed

  • Fixed issue with Durations when setting minimum values in the Essential Sound panel
  • Fixed issue with rolling edits when rulers display in the Program Monitor
  • Improved stability when sending sequence with Essential Sound Panel effects to AU
  • Fixed issue with contextual menus and Track resizing when renaming tracks
  • Corrected issue where Extensions displayed as greyed out
  • Fixed issue where saving in some virtualized environments created Ghosts projects

Premiere Rush 1.5.50

Premiere Rush 1.5.50
Image courtesy: Adobe
  • Performance improvements on iOS
  • Flip or mirror videos clips, images, stickers, and overlays

Premiere Rush 1.5.50 adds in the ability to flip or mirror video clips, images, stickers, and overlays for Desktop, iOS and Android. Also, the update brings performance improvements to Premiere Rush on iOS. Adobe promises better battery life, less heating and faster exports on iOS devices. Lastly, Adobe now offers more than 1,500 new sound effects to all Rush users.


Premiere Pro 14.9 and Premiere Rush 1.5.50 are out now for all Creative Cloud subscribers.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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