Adobe Rush adds video speed control

Adobe Rush has been helping many make videos on the go. Now with its new update, you can finally adjust the video speed in Rush.

Rush many not have as many bells and whistles as Premier Pro — nor does it intend too — but there are a few features that users felt were missing. One of the most requested features is the ability to change the speed of footage. In version 1.2 of Premiere Rush, you can slow down or speed up footage, add adjustable ramps and maintain audio pitch.

Speed adjustments

The long-awaited feature is finally here. Users can use speed adjustments in Rush by opening a speed panel and selecting “Range Speed.” From there, you can adjust the speed of the clip with a slider. Rush uses a percentage value to display speed. 100% means the clip is playing in real-time.

You can also tap on the speed percentage next to the slider and enter a specific value.

Speed ranges

Speed ranges allow you to adjust the speed in a specific section of your clip. To create a range, you drag the blue handles on the clip in the timeline or in the speed panel under “Range.”


If you want to progressively slow down or speed up in or out of your range, ramping can do that. This can help smooth out speed changes that might otherwise seem unstable.

Duration adjustment

You can also manually set a clip’s duration. After setting the duration, Rush will automatically adjust the clip’s speed to the right value. This will be very useful with time-lapses.

Maintaining pitch

What will happen to the audio when you speed it up or slow it down? Usually, speeding up a clip will raise the audio’s pitch and slowing it down lowers the pitch. With the “Maintain pitch” option, Rush will preserve the original pitch of the audio at all speeds.

You can learn more about video speed in Adobe Rush at

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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