Adobe rolls out automated captions for Premiere Pro

Today, captions are a critical part of a video’s accessibility. With many people watching videos on social media while muted, captions are one way you can make your videos more accessible. However, inserting captions into your videos can be highly time-consuming and tedious. While there are several available caption services, many of them have been to known to have issues with inaccurate transcription while also being quite expensive.

Now, Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers can use Premiere Pro’s new Speech to Text feature to automatically insert captions into their videos.

What is Speech to Text?

Through the power of Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI assistant, Premiere Pro will automatically run through your clips in the Premiere Pro timeline and provide a transcript of every spoken word. If you need to make corrections to the transcript, you can do so before applying the captions to the clips in the timeline. When you apply the captions, Adobe Sensei will automatically match the captions to the speakers’ pacing, a feature meant to eliminate concerns about audio syncing.

Once you apply the captions to the timeline, you can customize the design of the captions using the design tool in Adobe’s Essential Graphics panel. Additionally, the tool allows you to click through the transcript and navigate to where the word is in the timeline.

The feature could make a big difference in post-production

In the past, adding captions to videos has always been a time-consuming task. According to Adobe, the Text to Speech feature will drastically change captioning in post, and could save editors hours of work.

Also, since it’s automated, it cuts down on the effort required. If it works as intended, it could very well be a game-changer for some and allow more video editors and content creators to include captions in their videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro also adds M1 support for Mac

Alongside Text to Speech support, Adobe added Apple M1 support to Premiere Pro on Mac. Adobe claims that with native support for M1 on Mac, Premiere Pro will run almost 80 percent faster than Intel-based Macs.

Speech to Text and support for M1 for Mac are all available today in the Premiere Pro 15.4. update.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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