1DX Mark III now records lower bit rate RAW video files

Canon’s releasing a few updates for its popular digital cameras, the 1DX Mark III. The update focuses on improving the camera’s video features. It’s releasing alongside two updates for the Canon R5 and R6. Both these updates focus on improving the cameras’ video specs also.

1DX Mark III Firmware update version 1.4.0

After downloading the Version 1.3.0 firmware update, you now can record lower bit rate RAW video files with the Mark III. Additionally, the camera receives Canon Log 3 and Log gamma curve. Canon features Log gamma curve in all of its Cinema EOS cameras. Canon also included bit rate IPB movie capture. With this feature, you can create small video files. The smaller size makes them much easier to share online.

1DX Mark III update breakdown

  • Adds [RAW (Light)] to the movie recording size and [IPB (Light)] to 4K to enable lower bit rate shooting. Also, the setting can be selected when RAW+MP4 is on
  • Transfer time displays on the camera monitor during FTP transfer
  • Canon improved the camera’s communication when it uses FTP and USB simultaneously

The update’s only for Version 1.3.0 cameras

If you already have Version 1.4.0 for your Canon 1DX Mark III, you don’t need to get this download. The firmware version 1.4.0 is for cameras with firmware at Version 1.3.0 or under.

Pricing and availability

The update is free to download. Also, it’s out now. To download the update, go here.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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