TV Curriculum: Film / Television Production I

Taught by Andrew Roberts, Director of Film & Media Arts, Mater Dei High School

This course serves as an introduction to the art, concepts, techniques, and procedures of basic film and television production. Students will build a foundation based on professional and industry standards as well as career technology standards. (For the purpose of this curriculum, California’s Career Technical Education standards and Integral Student Outcomes will be used. However, the core competencies and outcomes are universal and can be adapted to specific state or district needs.) This class is designed to give students the foundational skills to move to advanced classes in either high school or college and provides the basis for a career in the film or television industry. 

The course is designed to be taught in two semesters. The first is a general overview of the skills needed in the film and television industry as a whole. The second semester would be based around specific pathways focusing more on individual genres of study such as film, television and studio production, and sports and social media content creation. For the purposes of this curriculum, the pathways for the second semester are included in the curriculum as units but can be taught as a either part of the general lessons or focused study. One goal for this curriculum is to develop student skills that work cross-curricular and can be integrated into STEM and core classes as well as athletics and performing arts.