Videomaker’s Multi-cam Instructional Video

Cover all the Action

Videomaker's Multi-cam DVD

Weddings, Concerts, or Sporting Events: a Multi-cam Setup can get You Complete Coverage

  • Planning – Explore the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-cam setup, as well as gathering the information you need.
  • Choosing Gear – Put your gear list together. Using the right gear is the core of a good shoot, and a great final product.
  • Setup – Choose a multi-cam production workflow, ensure good communication, and set up on the day of the event.
  • Shooting and Directing – Learn last minute preparations, shooting techniques, and how to direct a crew.
  • Editing – Label your clips, sync your audio and video, set up a multicamera clip, and use the multicamera editing tools.

    Videomaker’s Multi-cam Production training video is available in DVD format or as a digital download!