Natural Transitions

Transitioning Naturally

Overuse of computer graphics for transitions is a dead giveaway someone has just found the editing program that came with their computer. Impress your viewers with Natural Transitions.

As you take your viewers from scene to scene you want the focus of your audience to be on the story. Bad transitions can break the illusion and cause your audience to loose track of the story as they are reminded that they are watching a video or film. Good transitions are unnoticeable so your audience can stay focused on the film. Natural transitions are an art and there are many brilliant ways filmmakers have employed the use of natural transitions.

To add to your repertoire of natural transitions, we have created an eDoc with an embedded video link to some very clever ways to make transitions. By ordering the eDoc for just $3.49 today you will be ready to utilize these transitions the next time you’re creating a video. You will find yourself naturally using these transitions because you will find them far superior to the standard computer graphics that most new videographers rely upon to make transitions.