Live Event Miking

Live Event Miking

Audio is the Most Difficult Part of Capturing a Live Event.
Unless You Know the Professional Secrets Revealed in this Video.

There is only one chance to get it right when making videos of live events, and there are many things that can go wrong with your audio. In a church, cathedral, or theater, sound from the audience can easily ruin your recording. For example, a cough or a sneeze made by someone located between your camera and the wedding couple can make an important part of the ceremony unintelligible. That’s why you should never rely solely on the microphone in your camera. In the Video On Demand, Miking Live Events ,you will learn how to capture perfect audio at live events when the ideal options are available, and how to quickly move to a backup plan when those “ideal options” are not available.

In “The Miking Live Events” Video On Demand You Will Learn:

  • The best equipment to use for capturing audio at live events.
  • Types and ideal uses of microphones.
  • Insiders’ tips on how to steal clean audio from the sound booth.
  • The two-camera technique for capturing clear audio.
  • How to record audio so it’s easier to mix in when editing.

Videotaping live events is the bread and butter for many people operating a local video business. Weddings, School Plays, Talent Shows, Church Ceremonies, Corporate Events, Speeches, Workshops, and Graduations are just a few of the situations where you might use the techniques taught in this video. Don’t risk the embarrassment of turning in a video that has serious problems with the audio. Download the Video On Demand “Miking Live Events” today and be prepared the next time you are asked to record a live event.