Lighting Line eDoc Bundle


Learn about the Equipment you need to light your videos.

Lower prices have created better access to great quality video cameras and video editing software. These days, consumer cameras and home computers are capable of creating video that is very close to the quality of video you see on television. But there is usually one very obvious difference between the high-quality video seen on TV and the home-made YouTube video, and that’s the lighting.

Lighting is often overlooked because studio lights are expensive and generally not sold in local stores. So many home videos are created using 100-watt incandescent lights screwed into lamps without shades. Let’s face it, it looks terrible and is a dead-giveaway that it’s an amateur video. So, you know you need better lights, but you don’t want to spend more on lighting equipment than you did on your video camera. At Videomaker we know that many of our readers face the issue of needing to acquire better lights on a budget.

That’s why we assembled three of our most popular eDocs, “Lighting Technology“, “Lighting Gels” and “One Light Wonder.” We believe these three eDocs would be most helpful to someone who needs to create better lighting for shooting video while maintaining a tight budget. Here is what you will learn:

Lighting Technology

Lighting Technology – Discover the changes in lighting technologies and how use them to your advantage.

  • Lighting technologies that are inexpensive, durable and ideal for video production.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using various types of lighting technologies.
  • Misuses of lighting equipment and common mistakes that you should avoid.

Lighting Gels

Lighting Gels – You can add incredible depth and interest in your video scenes just by adding color. Learn to add splashes of light to backgrounds and along the back and side of your talent. This eDoc teaches you have to think like a theater lighting designer.

  • How To Create Special Lighting to add Color to your set. – Great for interviews and talk shows!
  • Learn to adjust the hue, saturation and brightness to get the effect you want.
  • How to use various types of gels and where to buy them
  • Techniques for attaching gels to different types of lights without causing harm to the light or the gel.
  • How to use gels to make bright outdoor light beaming in from windows compatible with the light indoors, to create the perfect balance for shooting video.

One Light Wonder

One Light Wonder – A variety of ways to create beautifully lit scenes using mirrors, reflectors, and solid lighting techniques using only one light, or even no lights at all.

  • Learn the difference between outdoor and indoor color temperature.
  • Detailed diagrams of lighting set-ups using just reflectors and natural sunlight.
  • Detailed diagrams of lighting set-ups using only one light reflector.
  • How to take light from a window and evenly distribute it to create ideal indoor lighting for video.
  • How to position reflectors at various times in the day to take advantage of natural sunlight.

There is a common association between bad lighting and bad video. Many people will quickly decide that a video is not worth watching if it is not lit properly. That’s because it is easy to assume that if the lighting is bad the the rest of the video must not be any good. Don’t let your hard work on developing a script and editing your video go to waste, causing you to lose your audience due to bad lighting. These eDocs will give you the solutions you need to light your videos like a pro without spending a fortune on professional video lighting kits. Order “Lighting Technology, Lighting Gels, and One Light Wonder” today.