Elements of Video Editing

Fix it in Post

The Other Important Elements of Video Editing

Learn easy editing techniques designed to get you working more efficiently with more professional looking results.
Professional video editors do much more than simply edit together footage to tell a cohesive story. They are the fixers of problems. Whether it is a technical problem (bad sound, poor color, inadequate lighting or unstable camera work), a narrative problem or a special effects challenge, successful editors have a HUGE bag of tricks & techniques in their arsenal.

It’s time to move beyond simple editing

Every project has its own special challenges and sometimes importing files, editing on the timeline & exporting simply isn’t enough. You need to be nimble with your editing software, and the more diverse your knowledge is, the better your video will look. While there is no substitute for experience, Videomaker can help you develop the skills you need, faster.

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Videomaker has been teaching video enthusiasts beginning and advanced editing techniques for more than 20 years. With more than 60,000 enthusiastic subscribers to Videomaker magazine and 500,000 visitors a month to Videomaker.com, Videomaker has long been the premiere source for in-depth video production knowledge and instruction.

Simple solutions to common editing challenges

Here are 5 eDocs that address some of the editing challenges our readers ask about most. They outline techniques that, once mastered, provide you with solutions for a myriad of situations.

Edit Like the Pros Pt.1

Title #1 – Edit Like the Pros #1

Get your act together! Everyone wants to “edit like a pro”. But what does that really mean? Learn how to use your space and time effectively. Content includes:

  • Stuff: Tools of the Trade
  • Space: the Final Frontier
  • Pro Editing Comfort
  • The Constantly Evolving Pro

Edit Like the Pros Pt.2

Title #2 – Edit Like the Pros #2

Beginning editors concentrate on how to do the tasks of editing well. The professionals change their perspective. Learn how to shift your perspective from simply “how to do things” to how things should be done. Content includes:

  • Practical Tips
  • Project Planning
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Fix it in Post

Title #3 – Fix It In Post

If the footage you just shot has problems, all is not lost. You can fix it! Ever get a sinking feeling when you review your footage and discover problems? Maybe it’s a sound you do not want or a camera shot that was too jittery. A lot of things go overlooked while shooting, only to show up as problems during the editing process. The good news is that your footage is probably salvageable with the proper techniques. Content includes:

  • VU Meters
  • Normalization
  • Compressor/Limiter Filter
  • Still Not Loud Enough?
  • Popping “P”s
  • Removing Hum
  • Where’d That Boom Mic Come From?
  • Stabilizing Motion
  • Fatal Flicker
  • Color Correction

Simple Compositing

Title #4 – Simple Compositing

Everyone loves to be awed by movie magic, in this eDoc you will learn to dazzle your audience using our simple compositing tips that reveal the Secret of See-Through Layers. Content includes:

  • The Basics
  • Lower Thirds and Bugs
  • Green-/Bluescreen and Special Effects
  • Wipes and Split Screen
  • Special Effects
  • See-Through Layers

Scoping Out Your Video

Title #5 – Scoping Out Your Video

Many editing software programs offer a variety of colorful scopes to help enhance the hue, color, and brilliance, among other editing tweaks. But how do they work? Content includes:

  • Truth Lives in the Videoscopes
  • History and Explanation
  • Luma
  • Chroma
  • Waveform Monitor
  • Vectorscope
  • Histogram
  • RGB Parade Scope
  • Additional Tools
Editing eDocs

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