Videomaker Advanced Lighting for Video DVD

Light your Video Like a Professional

Lighting so Good, it’s Invisible

Lighting Car InteriorsEvery videographer has two goals when lighting their video: First, to illuminate the action onscreen. And second, to not draw attention to itself. When you light your video like a professional, the light is so subtle and smooth it becomes a natural extension of the scene. Even when you’re creating high-contrast dramatic lighting effects, the audience will be willing accept it as “real” if you do it right. Above all, you don’t want to pull them out of the story because of jarring lighting. If that happens, your viewers will spend more time wondering about the stagehand off-screen handling the lamp than watching your film.

Product LightingAmateur lighting is guaranteed to dash a film’s illusion of reality. Unfortunately, there are plenty of tricky lighting situations that will trip you up if you’re not careful: How do you illuminate a night scene so that you can see everything without the light looking artificial? How do you film a commercial where the lighting will make viewer think “I want to buy that!” rather than “Where’s that annoying reflection coming from?” And finally, how do you shoot inside the cramped confines of a car when it seems like the only light that fits is the car’s dome light? Learn how to conquer these troublesome lighting conundrums and more with Videomaker‘s newest lighting guide, Advanced Lighting for Video.

Advanced Lighting for Video includes:

    Videomaker's Advanced Lighting for Video DVD

  • Setting Up a Studio – What do you need when you’re setting up a studio? Learn what to look for in size, electricity, and sound.
  • Studio Lighting – Your studio lighting can look professional with the right lamps, fixture types and room dimensions. We’ll show you how!
  • Product Lighting – Want people to buy your product? A little lighting know-how can go a long way to making anything from a basket of fruit to a used car look irresistible.
  • Lighting Car Interiors – Inside a car is one of the hardest spaces to light for video. Learn how to light it right inside a cramped space where big lamps won’t fit!
  • Lighting Night Scenes – Outdoor night scenes can be especially tricky because bright obvious lamps can easily ruin the illusion of night. We’ll show you how to use a light touch so your audience believes the action is taking place in the dark.
  • Lighting Wide Shots – Lighting a wide shot is difficult if your lamps can’t reach the entire area. We’ll show you how to solve this problem, so that your widest angle shots still look uniformly good.

Videomaker‘s Advanced Lighting for Video will give you the knowledge that’s essential for professional-looking lighting arrangements. An indispensable lighting tool for every videographer who’s serious about taking pride in their craft, this DVD is the perfect compliment to Videomaker‘s basic lighting tutorials. Take the next step and start learning how to handle the world’s trickiest lighting problems without fear. When you follow these steps to lighting success, your viewers won’t give your lights a second thought. And that’s just what you want!