Using the new 3D Raytracer in After Effects

Using the new 3D Raytracer in After Effects

Adobe After Effects may be the most powerful digital motion graphics and compositing software available on the market today. And the most exciting thing about the latest version released is the new 3D Raytracer. This is the first time that After Effects has included a genuine 3D tool. Find out how to make the best use of this new tool in this free report.

Every videographer and filmmaker is already familiar with the After Effects suite as the essential motion graphics and compositing tool for video postproduction. For years, After Effects has allowed video creators to add professional style graphics to their work. Now, for the first time, Adobe has taken its flagship software to the next level with a brand new addition sure to get videographers’ mouths watering. The new 3D Raytracer lets you create actual 3D graphics.

With previous versions of the suite, users found themselves without a solid way to create 3D shapes; instead, they would have to fake it by juryrigging layers and planes to give the appearance of three dimensions. Now for the first time, Adobe has finally included a way to build actual three dimensional objects in space. No longer will users have to spend precious time looking for work-around solutions to this age-old problem, solutions that often fall apart if you happened to rotate your graphic wrong so that viewers could see the pinnings underneath.

Videomaker wants you to have the best information about your software tools, so we’ve put together a free report with everything that you need to know to about getting started with the new Adobe After Effects Ray Tracing Tool. Download this free report now to start learning about how you can add 3D graphics to your next video production.

Read Using the new 3D Raytracer in After Effects to Create Better 3D Graphics.

Three dimensional graphics are an easy way to give your movie or video a professional polish. Viewers will take your work more seriously when they see that you know what you’re doing with these motion graphics for a better finished product. This free report Using the new 3D Raytracer in After Effects will show you how to get there.

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