3 Point Lighting 101

3 Point Lighting 101

Need help setting up the perfect lighting arrangement? Never fear, you’ve got ‘3 Point Lighting 101‘ by your side, and that means you’ve got the simple solution up your sleeve. Learn how quality can fix even the trickiest scenes.

Video lighting is an essential, but often overlooked aspect of video production. If you haven’t paid much attention to video lighting in the past, learning good video lighting techniques is a fast way to have a major impact on improving the quality of your videos. In our 3 Point Lighting 101, we make no assumptions about your previous knowledge or experience. Each segment walks you methodically step-by-step through the process in a variety of lighting situations. These easy to follow tutorials can be played on any DVD player so you can watch them at the time you need to learn how to set up lighting for a given situation.

That’s exactly why we created 3 Point Lighting 101. Don’t be a slave to the footage you shoot; with this eDocument, you’ll know that you won’t have to settle. You can change anything once you hit the editing room. Cover up audio glitches. Add excitement with B-roll. Create entirely new scenes in post! It’s all possible.

You don’t need to be a magician to pull one over on your audience. These tricks may be sneaky, they may be crafty, they may be devious and dastardly… but your audience will love you all the more for using them. These are some clever little cheats that you don’t have to feel guilty about using!

Your audience wants you to lie to them. And who are you to disagree? The truth is that unedited, untouched footage will only bore and confuse them. They want the excitement, the pizazz that only comes with clever editing. And if you do it right, they’ll never even realize that you changed a thing. 3 Point Lighting 101 is the perfect introduction to some of the elementary weapons that every good editor relies on. You’ll feel like the Wizard of Space and Time when you get a handle on these little tricks. Just think about where you can go from there!

3 Point Lighting 101
is the Must-Have Tool in your Arsenal

Your audience needs you to be a trickster. Even in the most scrupulously honest documentary, editors are busy working behind the scenes to create the cinematic magic that makes the movie come to life. You’ll notice that a supposedly true to life, filmed-as-it-happened cinema verite movie still feels more cinematic than a straight forward home video. Why is that? It’s because editors are always making decisions about how to add interest to a movie, and even tiny subtle changes can make a huge difference. That’s why audiences can get wrapped up in a mundane story that’s been told well and jazzed up with a little bit of fancy editing. 3 Point Lighting 101 will show you how to do this.

Here’s what you get when you download 3 Point Lighting 101

  • What Comes After A Roll?
  • Audible B-Roll
  • What They Can’t See Won’t Hurt Them
  • More is Better
  • Breaking the Rules
  • Think Way Outside the Box
  • Additional Resources

Leave the Kids Games Behind! These Tricks are for the Pros!

When you download your free copy of 3 Point Lighting 101, you get:

  • What Comes After A-Roll? — B-Roll has a thousand uses. It’s the editor’s best friend, so get to know it well! This extra footage can save your hide in a pinch.
  • Audible B-Roll — B-Roll is more than just visuals, it’s audio too! We’ll show you exactly why you can’t afford to ignore this vital part of B-Roll!
  • What They Can’t See Won’t Hurt Them — Did you know that you could create entirely new scenes in post? Think it’s impossible? We’ll tell you the quick and easy way you can do it.
  • More is Better — Here’s what you can do if you audio quality is lacking. Too low? Here’s how you can pump up the volume.
  • Breaking the Rules — We’ll tell you the one simple mistake that even experienced editors have trouble with and how you can avoid it. It’s easier than you think!
  • Think Way Outside the Box — Extreme problems require extreme solutions. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm some wild and wacky ideas when you hit a stumbling block. We’ll show you some examples where wild ideas panned out and saved the day!
  • Additional Resources — Even more resources to help you on your way to becoming a professional videographer. These longer resources are perfect for when you really want to dig a little deeper to learn more.

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