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3 Great DVDs to Teach Documentary Makers the Skills They Need to Know

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As a documentary maker, you usually only have one chance to get the footage you need. At Videomaker we know that there are 3 key areas in video production in which documentarians need to be skilled. Now with this 3 DVD set, you can dramatically improve your chance of success by developing your skills in lighting, audio and shooting outdoors.

Don’t let your story go untold for lack of video production skills!

You may have an idea for a documentary that is brilliant, but if your documentary production is going to be seen and distributed, it needs to have a professional touch. Issues like bad lighting or poor audio can become distractions and reduce the credibility you need to have to keep viewers interested in your video.

We Can Teach You The Skills You Need to Know to Make Great Documentaries.

At Videomaker we have been teaching video production for over 20 years. Through videos, articles, workshops, and newsletters we have helped thousands of videographers go from amateur to professional. Among these are three DVDs from our tips and tricks series that are loaded with videos and articles that will help you develop your abilities as a documentary maker. These DVDs will provide you with the essential skills you need to light your videos and capture great video in outdoor environments.

These three DVDs Include:

Video Lighting – This is one area where you can’t afford to be in the dark. The video lighting tips & tricks DVD contains 9 segments and 15 eDocs that will give you the knowledge you need to light like a professional. In this video you will learn:

  • Different types and styles of video lights and how to chose a light that fits your needs.
  • Practical advice on how to light on a low budget.
  • Safety Tips with important safety precautions to avoid common mishaps.
  • Tips for getting the most out of that little light on top of your camera.
  • How to enhance your videos by making and using cookies to cast shadow effects.
  • Three Point Lighting: The foundation for all good video lighting techniques.
  • The secret to successful Green Screen Lighting.
  • How use lighting effects to create an emotional impact on the viewer.
  • Specialty Lighting Tricks.

Outdoor Videography – As a documentary maker there are times you’re going to need to go outdoors to capture the footage you need to complete your story. Be prepared by learning the tips and tricks for outdoor shooting every documentary maker should know. This DVD contains 8 video segments and 13 eDocs. In this DVD you will learn.

  • How to choose and/or create the best casing to transport and protect your gear.
  • Techniques for capturing landscapes so you can add breathtaking shots to your story.
  • How to capture great video from a moving car.
  • Tips for shooting video in the snow and other extreme conditions.
  • Three rules for shooting video at night and in other low light situations.
  • The secrets to getting extreme in-focus close-up shots.
  • How to use filters, reduce glare, and protect your camera lens.

Field Audio – There are many challenges documentary makers face when recording audio outside of a studio environment. Develop the knowledge and skills you need to record high quality audio. Learn how to use boom, lavaliere and wireless microphones. Be ready to record live events and interviews. In this DVD which includes 10 video segments and 19 eDocs, our experts share their insights and ideas gained from years of experience in recording audio for video in the field. In this DVD you will learn:

  • Miking interviews.
  • Miking live events.
  • How to best use a boom microphone.
  • Tips for working with an audio mixer in the field.
  • Guide to purchasing microphones.
  • Use and placement of lavaliere microphones.
  • Adjusting the audio settings on our camcorder.
  • Working with headphones.
  • Hiding microphones.
  • Tips on using wireless microphones.

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We have assembled these three DVDs because they are ideal for documentary makers. They’re loaded with videos and eDocs that will give you with the ability to bring home the footage you need to make great documentaries. Normally we sell each of these DVDs for $24.95, but since we know the knowledge contained in all 3 of these video is critical to your success as a documentary maker, we have created a special offer for documentary makers. For a limited time, when you buy two DVDs you can get a 3rd DVD absolutely Free! So you can get all 3 of these DVDs for $49.89.

Already familiar with the subject matter of one of these DVDs?

If you’re confident in your skills in one or more of these areas, you are welcome to pick any 3 DVDs from our popular Tips and Tricks Series. Pay for two and get the 3rd DVD absolutely free! Other DVDs in the series include Green Screen, Action Videos, Special Effects, How to Make Money with Video and Online Video.

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Don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in the way of producing the documentary you have been wanting to make. These DVDs will help you gain the skills you need to make your documentary look like it was made by a professional. Order these DVDs today, soon you will be learning these necessary skills in the comfort of your own home. Soon after, you will be ready to capture the high quality clips that will make your documentary a success.