How to land the best video production job with Staff Me Up

In a nutshell

  • Staff Me Up is a site where people can find industry jobs
  • The site offers a free and a paid subscription
  • It opens careers up to people that would be hard to get without connects

Staff Me Up has rapidly become one of the best tools for anyone looking for jobs as a media production professional. Anyone from cinematographers to production assistants can use the site for above-the-line creative work to below-the-line production gigs. Whether you’re looking for experienced or entry-level positions, Staff Me Up’s hiring website can help you at any phase of your profession. So, whether you’re a narrative filmmaker looking for a crew or a film student looking to jump-start your career, Staff Me Up may be the place for you.

How does Staff Me Up work?

Staff Me Up’s site was set up and designed to make recruiting for industry jobs easier. Applicants can log in with their LinkedIn profiles and apply for positions within the site or through external sites like Monster and Careersite. The app also allows production companies to import resumes into their database. Like most job websites, Staff Me Up allows you to search by city, state, department or specific position. Positions include screenwriters, set designers, actors, assistant directors, location scout, electricians, video production, editing and production assistants. You have to fill out the profile and list your credits. You can submit your profile and a cover letter to the employer with one click. Also, you can create a favorably customized profile page where you get to name your own link that you can use as your online resume.

Staff Me Up

The benefits of using Staff Me Up

Staff Me Up doesn’t only allow you to create a profile and an unlimited amount of cover letters (with the paid version). The hiring and networking platform takes the guesswork out of knowing if an employer received your resume. Once you send your resume, Staff Me Up monitors your submission with its real-time job application status tracker. With the tracker, you can see when the employer started looking at applications, when they viewed yours and if you’re a likely candidate for the position. With Staff Me Up, you are the priority, whether posting a job or looking for one. The website doesn’t recycle jobs or pilfer jobs from other sites.

Another additional benefit to Staff Me Up over other industry hiring platforms is that Staff Me Up has better features on both the free and paid versions. Both independent and large commercial companies post opportunities on Staff Me Up. Users of the app have applauded the site for giving them access to both full-time and long-term jobs.

Using Staff Me Up paid and free versions

Knowing what you get from the free and paid versions Staff Me Up offers is important.

The free version is made for those on a budget. With the free version, you get the basics. You can create a profile and see job postings under the Latest Jobs page. However, you can only apply to five jobs in a month, and you can keep track of the jobs you’ve applied to. Also, you can still track the progress of your applications and make solid connections to landing a job.

With Staff Me Up’s premium service, you get unlimited job applications and job analytics to see how you rank against others applying to the same job. Additionally, you get unlimited job alerts, unlimited resumes and cover letters. You also have access to thousands of job listings and Staff Me Up partners. At $149 a year or $19 a month, the paid version of Staff Me Up is well worth investing in for boosted opportunities in landing the production job that’s perfect for you.

More about work alerts

With the paid version of Staff Me Up, you get to see all of the jobs you applied for and the status of your application. This innovative feature alerts you when your application has been moved to the “consideration” status. It also lets you know when a potential employer has reviewed your application. You can customize these alerts to be sent to your email or your phone via Staff Me Up’s app. With the work alert feature, you can set alerts or push notifications for posted jobs that match your qualifications and skills. Having work alerts increases your chances of being seen by potential employers and being hired.

What producers look for with Staff Me Up

The Staff Me Up platform helps Hollywood producers, video production companies, managers and independent producers find qualified candidates for the correct position. The website brings talented individuals into a sizeable network of industry professionals. Personality is one of the first things producers and companies look for on someone’s profile — detailed in their cover letter and resume. Being easy-going outweighs experience on many occasions because companies and producers need to know first and foremost whether or not you are easy to work with. If you are creative, upbeat, open-minded and can think outside of the box, these are invaluable traits in the outcome of your candidacy. Personalities have to fit together in the entertainment industry of film, television and video production. Staff Me Up provides a link between professionals and talent that can grow into an enduring relationship over time and lead future projects.

Staff Me Up’s power of connection

Right after you create your profile on Staff Me Up, you instantly become connected to everyone you’ve ever worked with. Your ability to find people by name, profession, location or a particular production becomes more manageable. With a single click of Staff Me Up’s reference checker, you can connect to people you know personally in the industry and those who know someone else, who, in turn, can lead you to more significant hiring opportunities. Staff Me Up is, in many ways, a digital form of networking. And that’s another valuable benefit to joining the network. Once you’re connected, you gain unlimited access to the site’s job board of potential employers. You become connected to industry professionals across the nation and the globe. It allows productions to find you and for you to find opportunities related to your experience.

Time to get hired

Hollywood has never been about what you know. It’s always been a who-you-know business. Industry professionals have built their relationships by knowing the right people and bringing individuals into their families. And, even though no one website can guarantee employment, some employment opportunities are based on the kind of work you do. So if a posting is for a reality TV show and you only do movies, it’s evident that the job may not be a fit.

Nevertheless, Staff Me Up has opened doors to an otherwise closed-door community. Staff Me Up has allowed movie and video makers to connect with the right talent for their projects. It has also given creatives just starting out a resource to find veritable work. It has helped them get their foot in the door. With Staff Me Up, your chances of finding the right position incease because you have the necessary tools.

Stephen Mandel Joseph
Stephen Mandel Joseph
Stephen Mandel Joseph is a published, professional writer and director of several Sci-Fi 3D animated shorts and a short drama film.

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