How to Run Your Own Live Stream

Video is becoming ever more immediate and interactive, and nothing speaks to this more clearly than the now ubiquitous live streaming capabilities of apps like Facebook and Twitter’s Periscope. Now, anyone can share anything at any time with anyone — live!

The idea of live video isn’t new; TV broadcasters have been sending out live feeds of important events for years. However, bringing live streaming capabilities to the masses and implanting those streams into our social news feeds makes them more accessible and decidedly more interactive.

In the eBook, How to Run Your Own Live Stream, you'll learn:

- The fundamentals of setting up your gear
- Best practices for setting up the live stream itself
- Techniques to flawlessly connect your camera through live stream software
- How to plan the stream and methods for seamless switching
- How to develop a stellar on-camera performance
- And more!

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Nothing satisfies the desire for timely, engaging content better than live streamed video delivered through your favorite social media app. Download How to Run Your Own Live Stream now to learn how you can get started with you very own live stream.