HitFilm Surface Studio Plugin adds ‘Damage and Decay’ effects

Popular video editing and VFX program HitFilm is getting an anticipated upgrade that’ll add an effective way to make rough metal textures on any surface.

HitFilm v11.0 marks the debut of Surface Studio. It’s the latest VFX plugin from FXhome — the company behind HitFilm. FXhome has a large library of plugins that are compatible with 10 popular host editing software, including Adobe Creative Cloud. Now, Surface Studio is part of that library.

Surface Studio

HitFilm v11.0 version brings Surface Studio to its users. It’s a new VFX plugin that’s modeled off of Video Copilot’s ‘Damage and Decay’ and ‘Cinematic Titles’ tutorial.

The new plugin will allow creators to make smooth or rough textured metallic and vitreous surfaces on any and every text or layer. If you’re looking to add some metallic textures to an object, this plugin may suit your needs.

“By simply dropping a clear PNG file onto the HitFilm timeline, text titles are instantly transformed into weathered, rusty and worn metallic signs — in minutes,” says FXhome.

Integrating Imerge Pro plugins

Also, in October, FXhome introduced us to Imerge Pro. It’s said to be the first non-destructive RAW image compositor with “fully flexible” layers and advanced keying for creators.

Additionally, alongside the announcement, FXhome revealed it’s integrating a number of Imerge Pro plugins into HitFilm — that list includes: Exposure, Outer Glow, Inner Glow and Dehaze.

Pricing and availability of HitFilm v11.0

HitFilm v11.0 is available right now in the FXhome store for $299. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, head to FXhome’s store.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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