Short Filmmaking

In this course, you will learn the start-to-finish guide to making your first short film, from coming up with an idea to distributing your finished product. You will learn the principles and processes of scriptwriting, production planning, financing, casting, crewing, filmmaking tips, marketing, and distribution. You will also watch and analyze examples of successful short films to inspire and inform your own project. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and confidence to create your own short film and share it with the world.

  1. Writing the script (Free for non-members)
  2. Pre-production (Free for non-members)
  3. Budgeting (Free for non-members)
  4. Financing
  5. How to find a cast and crew
  6. How to build a skeleton crew
  7. Casting your short film
  8. Filmmaking tips (Free for non-members)
  9. Marketing your short film (Free for non-members)
  10. Distribution
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