What to stream

If you’re just starting out on your journey into live streaming, you may be wondering: What should I even stream? The fact is it can be anything.

People often associate live streaming with gaming, but as technology has become more sophisticated and accessible, other kinds of streamers have emerged. These days, you can stream anything you want. A quick search on YouTube or Twitch will bring you a wide variety of live-streamed content. You’ll find craft-based streams, cooking streams, virtual concerts, talk shows, storytime, study-with-me streams and even IRL streams that take the viewer into the real-life world of the stream host.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! And once you get in the rhythm of going live, reach out to your followers and ask them what they’d like to see. Often, fans will be enthusiastic about helping you. Loyal fans and subscribers want to feel like they matter, that you, as a video creator, aren’t just making videos for yourself but for them as well. By giving that link, that live atmosphere, you allow fans to be part of your creative process.