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Field Audio Recording DVD

Today’s home entertainment systems can have 6 or more separate channels of sound. This gives videographers the opportunity to impress their audiences with an amazing audio experience. Impressing your audience with great sound is impossible if you do not have good quality audio to begin with. There are many challenges videographers can face when recording audio outside of a studio environment. We have prepared this DVD from our weekly vidcast series to prepare you for those challenges.

In this DVD, our editors prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to record high quality audio with boom, lavaliere and wireless microphones. Be ready to record live events and interviews. Our experts share their insights and ideas gained from years of experience in recording audio for video in the field.

Watching DVDs is an effective and enjoyable way to learn videography. You will be very glad you watched this one when you are ready to edit your video with the clean, clear audio recordings you learn how to capture in this DVD.

This DVD is a collection some of our best segments on field audio recording from Videomaker’s weekly tips and tricks series. It includes 10 segments on how to capture or create the sounds you need to enhance your video.

They Include:

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#1 How to Use Microphones for an Interview

  • Tricks to placing a lavaliere microphone on your subject
  • Working with a hand microphone
  • Positioning the camera to best get the interview
  • How to set levels to capture ideal sound

#2 Miking Live Events

  • The best microphones to use and how to use them
  • How to use a field audio recorder
  • Key things to bring to your venue
  • Connecting to a house sound system
  • How to set up microphones next to speakers
  • How to capture all the sounds to be ready to mix

#3 How to Use a Boom Microphone

  • Parts of a boom microphone explained
  • Best angles to hold a boom microphone
  • How to hold a boom microphone

#4 Working With a Field Audio Mixer

  • How to set audio levels
  • Matching your mixer to your camcorder
  • Working with and without a tone switch

#5 Lavaliere Microphone Placement

  • Best locations to place a lavaliere microphone
  • Working with a hand microphone
  • Getting your subject to wear the microphone

#6 Camcorder Audio

  • Connecting your camcorder to external microphones
  • Adjusting the audio channel on your camcorder
  • Working with camcorders that have automatic gain control
  • Working with a wireless microphone system
  • How to place a wireless microphone

#7 Working With Headphones

  • Different type of headphones and the
    advantages and disadvantages of different types
  • Reasons to use headphones
  • Why you should use headphones
  • Benefits of using noise cancellation

#8 How to Best Hide Microphones

  • How to minimize clothing rustle
  • How to hide a microphone in plain sight
  • How to make a microphone pen

#9 Make Your Own Free Sound Effects

  • How to create your own realistic sound effects
    using the Foley techniques
  • How to mix in the sounds at the edit bay
  • Steps to creating Foley sound
  • Using a monitor to set up exact timing of sounds

#10 Tips for Wireless Microphones

  • VHF or UHF? Which frequency is best
  • Things to look for when choosing a wireless
    microphone system
  • Why you should use a diversity receiver

If you agree that the information in these segments are well worth the price of the DVD

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Bonus! Plus 19 PDF articles – A $47 Value, Free!

Interview Audio

  • How to reduce background noise
  • Best microphones to use for interviews
  • Editing tricks to enhance the sound of your interview

Selecting The Right Microphone

  • Strategies for hiding microphones on interview subjects
  • Why you should never let the subject of the interview hold a hand held microphone

Using Boom Microphones

  • Benefits of using a boom microphone
  • What to look for when selecting a boom microphone and pole
  • How you can save money by making your own shock mount, and zeppelin
  • How to hold a boom pole

Types of Microphones Explained

  • Lean the difference between omni-directional and uni-directionalmicrophones and how they are used in situations encountered by videographers

How to Choose the Right Microphone

This article will help you answer these questions:

  • What type of mic should you use?
  • How much should you spend?
  • What about wireless?
  • What do all those numbers mean on the specifications sheet?

Hidden Microphones

  • How to hide the microphone from your audience and get great sound with miking tools and techniques

Audio for Video – Post Production techniques

  • Ten audio editing tips to supplement your videos with excellent sound

Making The Best Voice Recordings

  • Twelve Tips for Recording the Spoken Word

Ten Essential Tips for Better Audio Gathering

  • Going through this checklist will ensure that you are ready to capture great recording before you go out on your next shoot

Live Performance Audio Recording

  • How to achieve crisp, high-quality sound to complement a live concert video

Audio Mixing

  • Mixing multiple audio sources for a live video recording

Audio Mixers

  • How to work with an audio mixer

Hooking Up Audio To Your Camera

  • Various types of adapters you can use to get the best quality audio into your video camera

Understanding How To Work With Automatic Gain Control

  • This is a common feature on most consumer camcorders. Learn its limitations and how to work around them

Headphones for the Videographer

  • Learn how to choose and use headphones to improve the audio quality of your video productions

How To Find The Best Headphones for Videography

  • Key things to know when shopping for headphones. Includes list with websites of all the major headphone manufacturers

The Art of Creating Foley Sound Effects

  • A wealth of ideas to get you on your way to creating your own sound effects

Creating Your Own Sound Effects

  • How to save money and stay legal by creating and mixing in your own sound effects

Sound Can Make or Break a Viewer’s Experience

Make sure you have clear crisp recordings when your ready to edit your video. This DVD will give you valuable insights into achieving this goal. This DVD with 10 segments and 19 PDFs could sell for $75, but we have decided to offer the DVD for just $24.95.