Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 Offers Tools for Enthusiast Editors

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10


Added snippet editor for the big gun editors

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Thanks for reviewing and putting Corel Video Studio’s great graphical (GUI) in the public. The world does not always revolve around the big gun editors. I keep a copy of this on my computer as well as a major brand. Sometimes fast titles, transitions or short clip edits which can be done in minutes with drop and drag, can be imported which saves a lot of time. I import into the big brand name editor (ending in CC) with the last century DOS commands with insane combinations of key strokes and nearly minuscule graphic pointers so I can brag that I use a mainstream editor. The ability to capture, rip DVD fast transitions and titles and fast edits makes this for me an invaluable supplemental editor. At the price it is a great snippet manager which can be useful as an addition to a video workstation in my opinion.