What is Leased Access?

In the dark ages of TV there was only one way to get a show on the air. You had to sell it to one of a very few broadcasters or broadcast networks. The result? Out of millions of shows imagined by producers,
only thousands have ever seen the light of day.

The explosion of channel capacity, by way of new satellite and cable technologies, has changed all that. Now we have so much carrying capacity that satellite and cable systems sell their surplus, cheap. In
addition, the FCC requires cable operators to set aside a certain amount of channel capacity for leasing. Finally, the telephone systems want to carry video into the home the same way they do sound. They want to deliver it on a “nondiscriminatory” basis. That means they’ll lease their capacity to all comers.

The Dark Ages are drawing to a close. Today you can lease so-called remnant time, surplus time (usually in the very early morning) on satellite networks. Or you can lease time on one of the channels set aside.

Once you’ve got the time, you can put your own program on the air. Better yet: sell ads on your show and you’ll make money too.

Leased Access Report shows you how.

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