1995 Videomaker Article Index: January 1995 through December 1995

Here you have it–a year’s worth of Videomaker at your fingertips. In
this third annual index, you’ll find the articles listed alphabetically
under the following subject categories:

Buyer’s Guides
Production Equipment
Post-production Equipment
Pre/Post-production Techniques
Production Techniques
Technical Explanations

Next come the columns. The column headings are placed in the order in
which the columns appear in the magazine. Individual installments are
arranged alphabetically under their respective column titles.

Reviews in Product Probe are listed alphabetically by product name
according to category: either camcorders or other products.

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Buyer’s Guides by Joe McCleskey

8mm Camcorder Buyer’s Guide
August page 61

All Format Camcorder Buyer’s Guide
December page 62

Audio Mixer Buyer’s Guide
November page 59

Blank Tape Buyer’s Guide
January page 60

Desktop Video Buyer’s Guide
March page 50

Edit Controller Buyer’s Guide
November page 64

Hi8 Camcorder Buyer’s Guide
October page 57

Microphone Buyer’s Guide
July page 54

Monitor Buyer’s Guide
May page 58

S-VHS Camcorder Buyer’s Guide
February page 57

TBC/SEG Buyer’s Guide
September page 60

VCR Buyer’s Guide
April page 46

VHS/VHS-C Camcorder Buyer’s Guide
June page 55

Production Equipment

Audio Accessories by Jerry Whaley
October page 92

Buying a Video Acquisition System by Robert Nulph
September page 94

Camcorder Waterproofing by Mark Steven Bosko
March page 94

Charging Choices by Mark Steven Bosko
November page 102

Optical Options by David Welton
January page 78

Reflectors by Robert Borgatti
February page 86

Shopping for Tripods and Stabilizers by Michael Loehr
May page 76

Sifting the Light: A Look at Lens Filters by David Welton
June page 96

The Light Bandit by Mark Steven Bosko
April page 64

Wired for Sound by Michael Loehr
July page 54

Post-production Equipment

Audio Mixers for Video Production by Robert Borgatti
July page 94

Audio Monitoring: Some Sound Advice by Mark Steven Bosko
December page 86

A TBC Tale by Stuart Sweetow
September page 60

Every Few Thousand Miles by Mark Steensland
June page 58

How to Buy Videotape by Glenn Calderone
January page 60

It’s All About Control by Karl R. Witsman
November page 64

Makin’ Tracks by Stuart Sweetow
August page 74

Music and Sound Effects Libraries by Michael Loehr
February page 78

The ABCs of Character Generators by Robert Nulph
October page 82

The DTV Edge by Joe McCleskey
March page 50

VCRs for Videomaking by Robert Borgatti
April page 46

Video Cleaning Products by Mark Steven Bosko
August page 82

Video Monitors: A Matter of Trust by David Welton
May page 58

Pre/Post-production Techniques

Audio Sweetening by Michael Loehr
March page 84

Burning, Bleeding, Floating and Flying by Mark Steven Bosko
September page 72

Permits and Permission by John K. Waters
January page 94

Picking Your Approach by William Ronat
July page 104

Recruiting a Crew by John Bishop
March page 102

Scripting Secrets by Stray Wynn Ponder
September page 104

Scheduling Your Video for Success by William Ronat
May page 119

Talent Quest by Janis Lonnquist
November page 116

Telling a Storyboard by Mark Steensland
October page 70

Titles: From the Simple to the Sophisticated by Larry Burke-Weiner
October page 62

Video Time Travel by Tim Cowan
December page 100

Production Techniques

Bore ’em Crosseyed! by Jim Stinson
July page 74

Buckle Up and Shoot by John Garrity
January page 74

Compose Yourself by William Ronat
February page 61

“Cue the…Uh…Talent!” by Janis Lonnquist
April page 94

Hear No Evil by Bruce Barrett
November page 82

Macro Videomaker Discovers Aliens by Mark Steven Bosko
June page 73

Magic Memories: A Guide to Shooting Reunions by Jim Stinson
September page 112

Photos on Video by Steven F. Smith
February page 116

Prompting Your Talent by Jim Stinson
January page 110

Quick and Easy Video Projects by Jim Stinson
October page 102

Shooting Plays and Recitals by Michael Loehr
May page 70

Shooting the Journey by Jim Stinson
March page 76

Shooting the Main Event by Jim Stinson
February page 73

Taking Your Camcorder on the Road by Daal Praderas
August page 102

The Perfect One-bag Video Production by Don Doman, Jr.
May page 124

When You’re on Camera by Jim Stinson
May page 104

Wrapping Up a Great Birthday Video by Jim Stinson
April page 72

Technical Explanations

A Close Look at Viewfinders by Glenn Calderone
August page 66

Camcorder Sounds by Doug Polk
January page 118

Editing Protocols by Glenn Calderone
June page 86

From Sync to the Screen by Glenn Calderone
February page 94

Making the Y/C Connection by Glenn Koenig
October page 112

Mr. NTSC and the Mysteries of Resolution by Doug Polk
March page 110

Time Code by Glenn Calderone
April page 88


1994 Videomaker Best Product of the Year Awards
June page 80

Consumer Video Visionaries by Joe McCleskey
September page 85

Kid Vid by Mark Steensland
November page 93

Landing a Distributor by Mark Steven Bosko
March page 120

Making Money With Your Camcorder by Michael Loehr
January page 68

Michael Moore: TV Nation’s Founding Father by John K. Waters
April page 82

Target Your Market by John K. Waters
February page 66

The 9th Annual Videomaker/Panasonic Contest Call to Entries
November page 89 (also December page XX)

The 1994 Videomaker/Panasonic Tape Contest Winners by Joe McCleskey
May page 85

The Camcorder Panel Proceedings
August page 96

The DVC Format: Just Another Acronym? by Joe McCleskey
November page 74

The Paper Trail by Joel H. Berry III, CPA
March page 134

Video in History by Joe McCleskey
July page 82

Video Moonlighting by Mark Steven Bosko
January page 125

Video Protection by Mark Steven Bosko
February page 110

When You’re on Camera by Jim Stinson
May page 104

Women Behind the Camcorder by Janis Lonnquist
May page 92


Viewfinder by Matt York

Camcordering: The Sport
November page 5

Missing Pieces and Parts
February page 4

Newt, John and You
April page 5

So You’re New At This
October page 5

Special Delivery
January page 5

The Local Fashion Show
August page 5

Two Product Concepts
September page 5

Views of the Future
May page 5

We’re On The Web
July page 5

Who Will Make the Video?
March page 5

Why Did You Buy Your Camcorder?
June page 5

December page 5

Camera Work by Jim Stinson

As Easy As A/B Roll
August page 14

Buttons, Blasted Buttons
April page 14

Camcorder TLC
October page 14

Camera Moves II: The What, When and Why
January page 17

Learn from the Pros
July page 14

Letting in Some Light
February page 17

On with the Show!
December page 18

September page 14

Shot Language
March page 14

Simple Camcorder Editing
June page 14

Video Space
May page 14

What’s Your Angle?
November page 15

Edit Points

A History of Videotape Editing by Michael Loehr
May page 20

A Sound Investment by Mark Steven Bosko
January page 23

Choosing and Using Edit Controllers by Michael Loehr
June page 20

Editing Aesthetics by Mark Steven Bosko
April page 22

Editing Bureaus by Mark Steven Bosko
February page 22

Editing VCRs by Michael Loehr
December page 27

Edit Types by Michael Loehr
October page 21

Linear vs. Non-linear Editing by Michael Loehr
November page 21

Moving to Time Code by Michael Loehr
July page 20

Picking a Protocol by Michael Loehr
August page 20

The Importance of Calibration by Mark Steven Bosko
March page 22

When You Don’t Have a Controller by Michael Loehr
September page 20

Sound Reasoning

All About Audiotape Recorders by David Brott
December page 32

Audio Tracks and Editing by Doug Polk
May page 26

Better Audio from your Built-in Mike by Doug Polk
July page 26

Equally Important: The Equalizer by David Brott
November page 29

Headphone Lessons by Michael Loehr
March page 27

Interview Audio by Michael Loehr
February page 28

Making Connections by Doug Polk
April page 26

Recording Stereo Sound by Doug Polk
June page 26

Techniques to Improve Your Audio by Doug Polk
September page 26

The Great Outdoors by Doug Polk
January page 26

The Mixer Method by Doug Polk
August page 26

Working With Acoustics by Doug Polk
October page 26

Desktop Video

Animation for Video by Scott Anderson
August page 33

Bundles of Joy by Scott Anderson
July page 33

Computer-based Controllers by Scott Anderson
December page 37

Computer-generated Video by Scott Anderson
March page 33

Digital Nonlinear Editing by Bob Doyle
February page 32

Digitize It by David Felder
November page 35

DTV Switchers and SEGs by Bob Doyle
January page 41

Linear vs. Nonlinear Video by Scott Anderson
April page 31

Logging Tapes by Scott Anderson
June page 33

Shooting Video for Multimedia by David Felder
September page 33

Singin’ the NTSC Red-green Blues by Scott Anderson
October page 31

Tips for Terrific Titles by Scott Anderson
May page 33

Product Probe


Canon ES800 8mm Camcorder
March page 43

Canon ES2000 Hi8 Camcorder
November page 43

Goldstar GVC-D475 VHS Camcorder
April page 40

Hitachi VM-3700A VHS Camcorder
July page 45

JVC GR-SZ9u S-VHS-C Camcorder
December page 43

Minolta Master 8-862 8mm Camcorder
December page 43

Panasonic Broadcast and Television AG-456UP S-VHS Camcorder
October page 41

RCA CC740 VHS-C Camcorder
June page 45

Samsung SCX904 8mm Camcorder
August page 45

Sharp VL-L64U SlimCam VHS Camcorder
June page 45

Sony CCD-FX730V 8mm Camcorder
January page 51

Sony CCD-TR400 Hi8 Camcorder
February page 42

Sony CCD-TR600 Hi8 Camcorder
October page 41

Sony CCD-TRV30 8mm Camcorder
September page 45

Sony DCR-VX1000 DVC Camcorder
November page 43


Alpermann+Velte TE501 Editor
April page 40

Audio Technica AT-MX341a SmartMixer
October page 41

Elite Video BVP-4 Broadcast Video Processor
September page 45

Fujix Fotovision FV7 Film Transfer Unit
May page 42

Goldstar GVR-DD1 VHS-8mm VCR
March page 43

JVC Edit Desk S-VHS Editing System
February page 42

JVC JX-T88 Character Generator
January page 51

JVC JX-ED11 Video Edit Controller
July page 45

JVC Professional TM-900 9-inch Color Monitor
August page 45

JVC TM-1400SU Video Monitor
January page 51

Knox Studio40 Character Generator
July page 45

Mitsubishi HS-U650 VCR
April page 40

Mitsubishi HS-U770 S-VHS VCR
September page 45

Nady 551 VR Wireless Microphone System
May page 42

Panasonic Broadcast and Television Slow Motion Analysis System
May page 42

Panasonic WJ-TTL7 Titler
March page 43

Shure VP Wireless Microphone System
August page 45

Sony XV-AL100 Video Editing system
June page 45

Steady Tracker Flight Stick Pro
February page 42

Videonics Edit Suite Edit Controller
December page 43

Profile by John K. Waters

Hank Austin and Flightline
February page 121

Kathryn Stroomer’s Video Career
May page 132

Perry Tong’s Scuba World
July page 121

Rusty Paul and the Guitar Greats
January page 137

Video Entrepreneur by William Ronat

February page 132

A Modest Proposal
October page 126

Any Portfolio in a Storm
December page 147

A Word from your Sponsor
November page 132

Data’s All, Folks
January page 148

Find your Financing
March page 147

Get It In Gear
August page 109

News Opportunities
September page 129

Programs to the People
June page 122

Video Franchises
May page 137

On Ramp

Access Your Community by Arthur Aiello
November page 126

Digital Video Discs by Mark Steven Bosko
September page 121

Leased Access by Mark Steven Bosko
October page 118

Low-power Television by Mark Steven Bosko
June page 111

Opportunities on Satellite by Mark Steven Bosko
July page 112

The Internet and the MBONE by Karl Jacob
April page 111

VHS Distribution by Mark Steven Bosko
December page 136

Pause by Stephen Muratore

A Plea for the First
October page 144

Bards and the Anti-bard
December page 168

Beyond Those Ugly Video Moments
September page 144

Eye, Mouth, Hand
February page 152

Frequently Asked Questions
May page 152

Other People II
November page 144

Press Principles
June page 136

The Long Distance Video Guy
March page 160

To See Ourselves
April page 128

Video is Other People
July page 136

Video Literacy
January page 160

Watch the Ads, Watch Video
August page 128

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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