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The year 2006 has come and gone, so in keeping
with tradition, we present our annual index of articles
for your quick researching convenience.



DVD Hardware & Software

January, p. 30


January, p. 40

Video Editing Software

March, p. 33

Editing Systems

March, p. 40


April, p. 30

Audio Mixers

April, p. 37

HD Camcorders, Editing
Software and Monitors

May, p. 35


May, p. 49


June, p. 28

Camera Bags

June, p. 37


July, p. 28

Video Switchers

July, p. 35

Computer Components

August, p. 29

Video Hosting

August, p. 35

Camera Supports

September, p. 29


September, p. 35

Video Editing Software

October, p. 28

Blank Media

October, p. 39


November, p. 30

Lens Accessories

November, p. 26


December, p. 30

Stock Media

December, p. 22


Recording Special Events

January, p. 45

Video 2 Go

March, p. 56

Fan Films

March, p. 76

Fan Films

Nov, p. 55

Let’s Make a Documentary –
Part 1: To Dream a Possible Dream

April, p. 52

Let’s Make a Documentary –
Part 2: Fulfillment of the Dream

May, p. 66

Let’s Make a Documentary –
Part 3: Share the Dream

June, p. 42

Distro Bistro

July, p. 39

A Complete Guide to Shooting Wedding Video

July, p. 55

Making Cents

August, p. 39

Stream a Little Stream

November, p. 43


How to Conduct a Live
Multi-Camera Shoot

January, p. 54

Xtreme it Up!

March, p. 47

How DID They do that?

April, p. 43

Duck, Duck? Goose??

July, p. 49

Picture This

August, p. 44

Wipers au Naturel

November, p. 49


An Explanation of MPEG-2 for
DVD Authoring

February, p. 54

Are you Ready to Make the
Switch to HDV?

May, p. 56

Securing the Door and Locking
it Down

September, p. 42

Battery Lineup

September, p. 49

Depth of Field Demystified

October, p. 45


Videomaker’s 2005 Best Products of the Year

February, p. 34

Buyer Beware!

February, p. 44

The 2005 Videomaker/Digital Juice Short Video Contest

May, p. 31

Celebrating 20 Years of Videomaker!

June, p. 52

Video Horror Stories

October, p. 55

Recycle that Cam!

December, p. 42



How Committed is Your Audience?

January, p. 4

How are TV and Video Different?

February, p. 4

Making Money on Video Investments

March, p. 4

Giving the World Better Video

April, p. 4

HDV – So What Should I Do?

May, p. 4

20 Years

June, p. 4

Privacy Expectations

July, p. 4

What has never been covered
with video?

August, p. 6

Video or Text?

September, p. 4

Unexpected Problem

October, p. 4


November, p. 4

Why Are You Compelled to Create?

December, p. 4


Keep it Clean

January, p. 58

Shoot Yourself!

February, p. 59

Shooting an Interview

March, p. 60

In Decent Exposure

April, p. 58

Move It!

May, p. 72

Buttons, More Buttons

June, p. 59

7 Ways to Involve the Kids

July, p. 60

Take Your 8mm Film to Digital

August, p. 58

Composition 101: Part 1

September, p. 62

Composition 102: Part 2

October, p. 61

Practice Makes Perfect

November, p. 61

Editing 101

December, p. 58


Who’s in Charge Here?

February, p. 68

Cinema Vérité Interviews

April, p. 66

Dual-Role Directing

June, p. 68

Recruiting Talent

August, p. 70

Secrets of Storytelling

October, p. 70

Everyday Masterpieces

December, p. 67


Lights in Motion

January, p. 67

In the Mood

March, p. 68

Lighting for HDV

May, p. 83

Reflecting on Reflectors

July, p. 69

Controlling the Color of Light

September, p. 69

Applying 3-Point Lighting

November, p. 70


Better Composites in 8 Layers

January, p. 62

Making the Most from Outtakes

February, p. 64

Saving Time: Editing Tapeless

March, p. 64

To DVD or not to DVD?

April, p. 62

HDV Editing Dos and Don’ts

May, p. 78

To Page Curl or to Cut?
June, p. 64

Edit like the Pros

July, p. 66

Edit like the Pros: Beyond
the Basics

August, p. 64

The Last Piece of the Puzzle

September, p. 66

The Ghosts of Edits yet to Be…

October, p. 67

MPEG-4 Mysteries Revealed

November, p. 66

Color Me Perfect

December, p. 62


Bump it Up a Notch

January, p. 70

Phased and Confused

February, p. 73

EQ Demystified

March, p. 72

The Right Tool for the Job

April, p. 70

Natural Sound to the Rescue

May, p. 88

Seeing Sounds

June, p. 72

Mix it Right

July, p. 72

Announcing… You?

August, p. 74

Setting the Mood

September, p. 74

Digital Audio Secrets: Revealed!

October, p. 74


November, p. 73

Conversation Piece

December, p. 71


Web Terms

February, p. 80


Grip to Go

January, p. 76

Tips to Enter and Win
Video Contests

April, p. 75

Got Mobile? Get Movin’!

July, p. 80

MPEG-2 Encoding Tips

November, p. 80


Smoother Skin

January, p. 80

More Profit from Video

May, p. 96

Travelling with your Gear

September, p. 80


Down & Dirty Cleanup

April, p. 80


December, p. 80



Sennheiser evolution ew
112-p Wireless Microphone System

January, p. 26

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire
Audio Mixer

February, p. 26

Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition

April, p. 26

Professional Sound Corp DV Promix 3 Portable Audio Mixer

July, p. 26

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 Music Creation Software

August, p. 18

Adobe Audition 2.0 Audio
Editing Software

August, p. 23

TAPCO Mix 120 – Audio Mixer

September, p. 23

AKG Perception 100 Microphone

September, p. 26

Sony Cinescore Music Scoring Software

October, p. 17

Magix Samplitude V8 Classic Audio
Editing Software

October, p. 24


Panasonic SDR-S100

January, p. 20

JVC Everio GZ-MG70

February, p. 18

Canon Optura 600

March, p. 16

Sony HVR-A1U

May, p. 16

Canon XL H1

June, p. 16

Sanyo VPC-HD1

July, p. 16

Sony DCR-DVD505

August, p. 20

Panasonic AG-HVX200

September, p. 21

Sony DCR-SR100

October, p. 19

JVC Everio GZ-MG505

November, p. 16

Canon Elura 100

December, p. 10


Manfrotto 745B/701RC Tripod Kit

April, p. 28

Tiffen Steadicam Merlin Hand-Held
Camcorder Stabilizer

July, p. 18

Indie-Dolly Systems Universal Dolly
with Curved Track Kit

August, p. 25

Bogen Manfrotto 560B Monopod

December, p. 15


Velocity Micro NoteMagix Z71 Ultra

March, p. 20

NLE Systems Kanai

March, p. 26

Apple MacBook Pro

September, p. 16

HP xw8400 Workstation

November, p. 12


Sonic Solutions DVDit Pro 6

January, p. 24

Nero 7 Ultra Edition

April, p. 23

Adobe Encore DVD 2.0

June, p. 25

Ulead Movie Factory 5

December, p. 12


LaCie Dupli Disc DVD125 5-Disc
DVD Duplicator

February, p. 30

LaCie External LightScribe DVD Burner

June, p. 19

Disc Makers Pico Automated CD/DVD

October, p. 21


Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8

February, p. 28

Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

March, p. 28

Pinnacle Studio Plus 10

April, p. 20

Avid Liquid Pro 7

June, p. 22

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

July, p. 20

Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus

October, p. 14

Canopus Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 4

November, p. 22


Ikan S200D Fluorescent Light Kit

February, p. 22

Litepanels DV Camera Kit Camera-Mounted Light

July, p. 23

Westcott Monte Window Light Kit

November, p. 19


Shining Technologies CitiDISK HDV FW1256H-100 Hard Drive Recorder

May, p. 20

LaCie Bigger Disk Extreme with Triple Interface 1TB

May, p. 22

Anthology Solutions P400T Yellow Machine Terabyte NAS

May, p. 24

Focus Enhancements FireStore FS-100 DTE Recorder

September, p. 19

Grass Valley REVPRO External USB Removable Storage Drive

November, p. 14


NewTek TriCaster Portable Live
Production System

January, p. 18

Final Draft AV 2.5 Scriptwriting Software

January, p. 22

Zaxwerks ProAnimator 3

March, p. 23

Adobe Production Studio Video
Production Suites

April, p. 16

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional Compositing Software

May, p. 26

TriLab Productions Digital Hotcakes Stock Footage Library

August, p. 16

Celtx Scriptwriting Software

December, p. 20

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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