No Rendering Wait with Edirol’s VideoCanvas

Real-Time Turnkey

View real-time results with Edirol’s VideoCanvas DV-7 Digital Video Workstation. It promises no waiting for rendering, no unnecessary compression and no loss in source image quality. The DV-7 turnkey appliance, with its 60GB internal hard drive, features tools for loading video and audio, titling, editing, processing and output in one integrated unit.

(800) 380-2580

Suggested retail price: $4,995

Kid Stuff

Just Kids & Babies is Volume 3 in The Nightingale Voice Box series. This CD features over 750 royalty-free vocal-production elements of children laughing, crying, whining, singing, talking, reciting nursery rhymes and being generally adorable. Location ambiences include swimming, skating and tobogganing, as well as park, school and village scenes.

(416) 221-2393

Suggested retail price: $99

A Lightweight

At just 5 pounds, the lightweight Vision 3 tripod is the smallest addition to Vinten’s Pan and Tilt range. Designed for today’s smaller, lighter video cameras, Vision 3 has a fluid drag system, illuminated bubble level, 90-degree tilt, interchangeable spring balance system and Pozi-Loc cam-operated clamping system. The tripod system includes spreaders and soft case.

(845) 268-0100

Suggested retail price:$1,995 single-stage alum. tripod system

$2,995 2-stage carbon fiber tripod system

Six in One

The Dazzle 6 in 1 Card Reader by SCM Microsystems lets you use just one reader for transferring digital data between your PC or Mac and other digital devices, including digital cameras and camcorders, MP3 players, PDAs, voice recorders, e-Books and smart phones. The compact, XP-ready, dual-slot USB device is upgradeable for future formats. It can also act as a removable disk drive.

(800) 626-4276

Suggested retail price: $70

Pack a Punch

The new Mini-Punch Ps5 switching-type power supply by RCM Video Products works with 100-240 volt A/C. The Mini-Punch works with most video cameras or portable VTRs that use a 12-volt, 4-pin connection. Automatic built-in surge protection automatically resets when unplugged.

(817) 905-4262

Suggested retail price:$119

Save it to RAM

The DMR-E20 is Panasonic’s latest consumer DVD recorder, designed to burn video or television to DVD-RAM or DVD-R media. The created discs can play back on DVD-RAM players and select DVD players. The E20 is also capable of simultaneous record and playback. In addition, it features a basic video editor, which allows arrangement and deletion of scenes, as well as custom playlist creation.

(800) 211-PANA

Suggested retail price: $1,500

Short ‘n’ Sweet

Four inches shorter than its popular SGM-2X microphone, Azden’s new SGM-1X is designed for small professional digital video cameras. The single-barrel hyperdirectional shotgun microphone offers frequency response of 80-18,000Hz. You can convert the SGM-1X to a "wireless" mike by purchasing one of Azden’s UHF or VHF plug-in transmitters.

(516) 328-7500

Suggested retail price: $200

Hands Off My Cam!

StealthZoom from VariZoom is a hands-free control for Sony and Canon Mini DV and Hi8 camcorders that clamps onto your tripod, jib, shoulder support or Glidecam/Steadicam. It offers variable-speed zoom, manual focus, record/pause and stand-by wake-up.

(888) 826-3399

Suggested retail price: $229

Driver’s Seat

Maxtor’s Personal Storage 3000DV is an external 60GB hard drive with IEEE 1394 connectivity. PC users must have a Pentium II or better system, Windows 98SE, Me or 2000, with a minimum of 32MB RAM. Macintosh users must have a G3 or higher, running on OS 8.6 or later, with a minimum of 32MB RAM.

(800) 2-MAXTOR

Suggested retail price: $300

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