Matrox Package Includes Graphic Accelerator

Render Unto Matrox

The RT2000 from Matrox combines dual-stream video, 32-bit animated graphics and real-time digital video effects. The package includes the Matrox Millennium G400 Graphics Accelerator, a RT2000 capture card, an A/V breakout box, Adobe Premiere RT (real-time version), Ulead Cool3D titling, Sonic Foundry ACID for music creation and editing and Sonic DVDit for DVD authoring. RT2000 features include dual-stream DV editing, a FireWire interface, composite video and stereo audio in and out, MPEG-2 output and more.

Suggested Retail Price: $1295

Big Bag, Small Camera

The DVC-50 camcorder bag from Case Logic was designed specifically for digital camcorders. Made of a leather-like material, the bottom features a PVC coating to protect your gear from moisture and to add durability. With zippered pouches for accessories, the main compartment features a double-zippered opening.
Suggested Retail Price: $40

Look Ma No Wires

The VM1 Micro Diversity system from Samson Technologies operates from 174 – 214 MHz. With VHF diversity circuitry for improved reception and reduced interference, the VM1 also features battery level/RF level LED meter, squelch control, headphone output and more. Available in handheld, lavalier and headset systems. (516) 364-2244

Suggested Retail Price: $299

DVD on a Budget

Amber, from Canopus, combines a Variable Bit Rate/Constant Bit Rate MPEG-2 encoder card with a DVD-RAM drive as part of it’s MPEG-2 Archiving and Mastering kit. Users can capture video clips directly to the included DVD-RAM drive. Compatible with WindowsNT 4.0 and Windows98. (408) 954-4502

Suggested Retail Price: $2499

Listen to This

Can’t find the right music for your production? Don’t have any musical talent whatsoever? Smart Sound from Multimedia’s Maestro lets you custom tailor loop-based music to the perfect length, tempo & style. It asks you to enter a style, name and length and then it generates a custom tune for you. Audio palettes (extra) add new styles and loops. Available for both MacOS and Windows systems. (818) 718-9999

Suggested Retail Price: $299

Smooth Talker

Shure’s SM7A cardioid dynamic microphone is said to be ideally suited for voiceover work. Designed for discerning speech and music, the SM7A has a frequency response of 50 -20,000 Hz. Features include electromagnetic shielding and an internal shock isolation air suspension. (847) 866-2200

Suggested Retail Price: $584

Cover that Canon

From Video Seal Skins comes the Canon Camera Cover, which is designed to fit the Canon XL1. Providing protection from the elements, the cover can be used while the camera is mounted on a tripod. The weather-proof cover is available in a variety of solid colors and camouflage patterns. (877) 272-0993

Suggested Retail Price: $165

It’s a Raid

The 13GB Medea VideoRaid SCSI 2/13 from Medea Corporation, provides up to one hour of digital video storage. Medea claims a sustained data transfer rate of 18MB/sec due to its proprietary Zone Stripe Technology (ZST). The unit can be attached to any Ultra Wide or Ultra2/LVD SCSI equipped Macintosh, SGI or PC and uses only one SCSI ID. (888) 296-3332

Suggested Retail Price: $899

A Quick Storyboard

PowerProduction Software’s Storyboard Quick 3.0 is a storyboard creation package complete with pre-drawn locations, characters and props. The package features a drag and drop interface. It imports digital images, characters and props that can be laid over actual photographs of your locations. It’s available for MacOS and Windows systems. (408) 358-2358

Suggested Retail Price: $249

I Shall Call it Miniprompter

What weighs one-pound and attaches to any camera in ten seconds? The Zeper Industries Miniprompter is claimed by it’s manufacturer to be all of the above and more. Powered by four AA batteries and controlled by a wired remote, the Minipromter can scroll your handwritten or computer printed text at various rates. (215) 646-3545

Suggested Retail Price: $200

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