Canon Ultura is the latest Mini DV camcorder from Canon

Another ‘Ura from Canon

Featuring 16x optical and 320x digital zooms, the Canon Ultura is the latest Mini DV camcorder from Canon. The Ultura’s feature list includes an IEEE 1394 connection, Optical Image Stabilization and Canon’s FlexiZone AF/AE Image Control System. Canon says the unit includes a built-in Auto Edit Function which allows the user to select up to 20 scenes to be automatically transferred to a VCR. (800) 828-4040

Suggested Retail Price: $1199

Get a Cue

Audio Video Design’s new line of hardware and software Teleprompters include the AV-2, a 12-inch stand-alone with Easy Reader software, scan converter and a high-resolution black-and-white monitor. (800) 749-7266

Suggested Retail Prices: $1500 (Mac), $1700 (DOS), $2300 (Win95)

Glasses? No Problem

The I-Cuff, from Raider Productions, is designed for shooting with or without glasses. The after-market product blocks light from entering most 3.5-inch or smaller viewfinders. (800) 793-3006

Suggested Retail Price: $99

Carry-on Light Kit

One of many in Lowel’s new smaller and more compact GO Kit line, the Tota/Omni GO Kit 98 includes two Omni-lights with barndoors, one Tota-light, three Uni-stands and one GO 85 Case. The whole package is small enough to take as carry-on luggage on an airline.

Suggested Retail Price: $995

Do You Want FireWire with That?

FireWire 2 Go from Newer Technology brings FireWire to the Apple Laptop. MacOS 8.6 on a 300MHz or faster Macintosh PowerBook G3 with a CardBus bay is recommended for DV captures. (316) 943-0222

Suggested Retail Price: $249

Loud Neighbors

Themescapes, a royalty-free music collection from Loud Neighbors Music, is a two-CD set arranged into twelve stylistically varied construction kits that include 12 full length tracks and 36 remix variations. The set contains over 90 minutes of royalty free production music. (888) 400-2149

Suggested Retail Price: $99

Look Ma No Wire!

The camera mount U100 series wireless UHF microphone from Audio-Technica features true diversity operation. Available with the ATW-U101 Belt-Pack System or the ATW-U102 Plug-On System. Both systems include the ATW-R100 receiver. (330) 686-2600

Suggested Retail Prices: ATW-U101 $1049, ATW-U102 $1099

Backup, I’ll Tape it

The Backer32 PC Tape Backup System from Danmere will store up to 4GB of your PC’s data on a 4-hour videotape. Available as an internal or external unit, the backer runs under Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. (877) 847-2686

Suggested Retail Price: $89

Illuminating Idea

The 4-in-1 Illuminator Reflector Kit from Westcott includes a collapsible 42-inch gold/silver reflector, a collapsible 42-inch diffuser fabric and a zipper bag to hold both. (419) 243-7311

Suggested Retail Price: $90

Lens Control

From Varizoom Lens Controls, comes a remote lens control for the Canon XL1 and Sony DCR-VX1000 and DCR-TRV900 and other camcorders. A combination rocker and speed control dial allows user to vary speeds in a single movement. (888) 826-3399

Suggested Retail Prices: $299-$349 (depending on control)

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