Mini DV Camcorder has new way to transfer Digital Photos

Memory Stick Camcorder for Transferring Stills

Sony has a new way to transfer digital still photos from their new DCR-TRV10 Mini DV camcorder to a computer–using a 4MB or larger Memory Stick (you can see it under the strap). In addition, the new camcorder sports an i.LINK (IEEE 1394) port for digital video transfer. (800) 222-7669

Suggested retail price: $1,799

Fluid Video Head

Bogen Photo Corp. is offering a new video tripod head, the Gitzo G1380/10 Pro Video Fluid Head. With six specific counter-balanced springs, the head will accommodate camcorder from 2.2lbs to 22lbs. And features separate pan/tilt drag and lock controls. The G1380/10 has a 75mm ball leveling base and includes a sliding camcorder platform for quick mounting and balancing and a built-in safety release lock to prevent the camcorder from accidentally falling off. (201) 818-9500

Suggested retail price: $1,060

Film Look for Video

The Macintosh version of CineMotion for After Effects has been released by DigiEffects. The core of the CineMotion package is the Film Motion plug-in that gives video footage the look of film transferred to video. The tool set offers users more advanced controls over the motion effects of After Effects, according to DigiEffects. The plug-in offers selections to tune the look of individual shots and offers controls over shutter blur and artifact density. (415) 841-9901

Suggested retail price: $295

Vacation Video Value

The new Canon ES300V is a handy 8mm camcorder for international travelers. The ES300V can convert the NTSC video output to play on the PAL 60 television standard, according to Canon. The camcorder features a 16x optical zoom, 240x digital zoom, seven digital effects, digital fader and a titler. The ES300V uses new low-power consumption circuitry for longer battery life, and a high-resolution 3.5-inch color LCD view screen. (800) 828-4040

Suggested retail price: $799

Maxell Jumps into DV

"Maxell firmly believes in the digital future for all home entertainment formats," said Peter Brinkman, director of marketing for Maxell. To demonstrating its commitment to a digital future, Maxell Corporation of America has introduced a new Mini DV camcorder cassette. Maxell’s new Mini DV cassettes come in 30- and 60-minute lengths. (201) 794-5900

Suggested retail price: 60 minute tape $13

Paint and Effects for Mac

A new paint and effects tool, created by Scott Squires, the video effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, is available for the Macintosh platform. According to the manufacturer, Puffin Designs, Commotion LE features a SuperClone brush to clone pixels from any section of any frame; video field-based painting; filter effects including keys, blurs, sharpens, and noise; and a Rotospline Tool for creating animated mattes. (415) 331-4560

Suggested retail price: $795

World’s Smallest Camcorder

The latest volley in the "World’s Smallest Camcorder War" was fired by JVC in introducing the GR-DVM70 Digital DualCam Mini DV Camcorder. The less-than-one-pound camcorder sports a 2.5-inch color LCD, a IEEE 1394 port and takes still photos transferable with either an IrDA or a MultiMedia Card. (800) 252-5722

Suggested retail price: $1,700

Sony Digital8 Camcorder

The DCR-TRV310 is one of Sony’s new line of camcorders in the new Digital8 format. It records in a digital format on normal 8mm or Hi8 tape (Hi8 metal particle or metal evaporated tape is recommended) and will also play normal 8mm and Hi8 analog tapes. The Digital8 camcorder will record a digital signal with a horizontal resolution of 500 lines and has an i.LINK connection for easy transfer of digital files to a computer. (800) 222-7669

Suggested retail price: $1,099

A Slick Tripod

Perfect for table-top shooting of conferences or family gatherings, Slik Tripods’ Mini Tripod weighs a scant 320 grams (that’s less than 3/4 of a pound to you non-metric folks) and folds down to less than eight inches. (973) 428-9800

Suggested retail price: $30

Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver

Azden has released its first UHF wireless receiver, the 400UDR. The new receiver mounts directly on camcorders and has 63 user-selectable frequencies in the 794MHz to 806MHz ranges, according to Azden. The true-diversity receiver works with Azden’s 41HT handheld microphone transmitter and the 41BT bodypack transmitter. The unit features a 12-volt input jack, an XLR audio output jack, headphone output and adjustable audio output. (516) 328-7500

Suggested retail price: Starts at $1,999

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