Audio-Technica AT8410a Shock Mount

The Audio-Technica AT8410a Shock Mount uses a spring loaded clamp that is designed to adaptively work with both tapered and cylindrical microphones. It reduces the amplitude of the vibration, noise, and shock that is transferred through fixed microphone mounts, stand and booms, as well as provides a secure and reassuring hold on your expensive equipment. This level of isolation is made possible by using an elastic shock cord. The AT8410a allows for simple and easy microphone attachment and removal without needing to remove the microphone cable. The AT8410a shock mount is able to mount directly onto any stand that has the standard 5/8″ 27 threading and comes included with a constant-tension clutch and a 180-degree swivel that allows for quick and simple adjustments of your microphone.

The Audio-Technica AT8410a’s shock mount is able to accommodate almost any microphone and is particularly important when a wide-range of sound equipment is in use and a large amount of low frequency sounds are to be expected. Having undergone serious testing within recording studios, on major television shows, and on stage it is very well equipped for use in a vast array of related situations. The superior isolation of the AT8410a Shock Mount reduces noise from extending and retracting booms, console operations, swivel mount operation, and reduces leakage and improves control during mixing and re-mixing. The Audio-Technica AT8410a Shock Mount can be used in TV studios, recording studios, radio stations, or for sound reinforcement from tables or lecterns.


  • Height: 5.23″ (133.3mm)
  • Depth: 3.93″ (99.7 mm)
  • Ring Diameter: 3.11″ (79.0 mm)
  • Net Weight: 6.3 oz. (179 grams)
  • Min. Microphone Diameter: 0.66″ (179 grams)
  • Max. Microphone Diameter: 1.13″ (28.8mm)
  • Microphones Accepted: Tapered or Cylindrical within above limits
  • Clamping System: Spring-laded “clothes-pin”
  • Suspension System: Elastic Shock Cord
  • Swivel Rotation: 180-Degrees
  • Attenuation: 8 dB to 10 dB broadband (depending on response of microphone, mass and construction)

Price: $81.00