Applied Magic DVD authoring solution | Grass Valley REV PRO drive

M. Klemme

M. Klemme's K-Tek KE-US universal microphone suspension mount is designed for mounting standard shotgun mics on boom poles. It utilizes two of K-Tek's K-SUS polymer suspenders, both secured within an anodized aluminum frame.

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Applied Magic

Applied Magic's DVD Shop is billed as a complete DVD authoring solution, allowing you to create DVDs from any analog or DV source. The unit includes Dolby Digital audio encoding and features a point-and-click user interface. You can also create packaging and output to a printer, and the device also connects to many USB-based duplicators for producing larger jobs.

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Datavideo's DAC-200 media converter adds locked audio to the capabilities of its predecessor, the DAC-100 (pictured). The device converts between DV and composite or S-Video, and captures both NTSC (using either 0 or 7.5 IRE black) and PAL video.

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Westcott's Pokerlite is a diffuser (available in 17" x 22" and 22" x 40" sizes) that provides 360-degree light spread. Bottom diffusion levels of 1 stop, ¾-stop and
½-stop are available. The Pokerlite is also available as a kit with Westcott's 1000-watt Spiderlite.

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Starting at $345

Grass Valley

Grass Valley's REV PRO drive is based on Iomega's REV technology, allowing storage of 35GB of data on a disk cartridge, yielding 45 minutes of uncompressed HD or more than 2 hours of SD video, with a sustained data transfer rate of 110 Mb/sec.

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$480-SATA or ATAPI; $500-USB or FireWire


Roxio's Easy Media Creator 9 adds support for sending video to portable players, and also includes high-definition compatibility. The new version is designed to also operate with Microsoft Windows Vista. Roxio bundles several premium products with the package, including MyDVD 9 and RecordNow 9.

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