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Ready in an Instant
ADS Tech’s Instant DVD+DV is an external USB 1.1/2.0 analog video capture device that also includes a FireWire jack for attaching a Mini DV or Digital8 camcorder without a FireWire connection on the computer itself. You can also use the Instant DVD+DV to digitize an analog source directly to a DVD-ready MPEG-2 format.

(800) 888-5244

Suggested Retail Price: $249

Big, Cool and Quiet

SimpleTech’s 400GB SimpleDrive Deluxe is available in both USB 2.0-only and USB 2.0/FireWire version. The drive operates at 7200 rpm in a fan-free aluminum enclosure for quiet and cool operation. The drive includes a security lock slot. SimpleTech also bundles the drive with StorageSync automatic backup software for Windows.

(949) 476-1180

Suggested Retail Price: $470-USB 2.0 only; $500-USB 2.0 and FireWire

Mix It Up

Edirol’s V1 video mixer has four S-Video and four composite video inputs, includes four types of transitions and four picture-in-picture locations, and supports black luminance keying to add text to your presentations. The mixer also includes a MIDI port, an S-Video output and two composite video outputs.

(360) 594-4273

Suggested Retail Price: $1,075

Make it Smooth

Datavideo’s DC-DC Converter converts nominal 12-volt power sources, such as vehicle or marine batteries (which actually operate in a range from 11 to 13 volts) to exactly 12 volts, satisfying the closer power requirements required by video equipment.

(562) 696-2324

Suggested Retail Price: $206


The ProPrompter Pocket PC Version has everything you need to attach a prompter to your camcorder. Designed for use with larger prosumer and ENG camcorders, it includes a Pocket PC with keyboard and mouse, software, a carrying case, an 85mm step-down ring and the prompter hood itself. Look on the manufacturer’s Web site for a list of compatible camcorders.

(206) 545-2584

Suggested Retail Price: $1,695

Quick 3D Titles

Outerspace Software’s BluffTitler DX9 uses DirectX 9 and 3D hardware acceleration to create animated 3D titles in real-time with any TrueType font in your library. The user can import textures from any JPEG, BMP or PNG still image or MPEG or AVI video file. The software also includes effects such as fractal clouds, bouncing lights and tunnels.

Suggested Retail Price: Approx. $36

Quick Doubler

Century Optics’ 2X Tele-Converter for Mini DV fits a number of camcorders with 27-37mm front-threaded lenses, or with a number of camcorders when used with a step-up ring. The Tele-Converter doubles the range of the lens.

(800) 228-1254

Suggested Retail Price: $279

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