New Gear

Pick a Card, Any Card

Samsung’s SCD-107 Mini DV Camcorder features two memory card slots, compatible with SD, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro cards for shooting still images. It also includes a 20X optical zoom lens, a 3.5-inch color viewscreen, an analog A/V input and a color viewfinder.

(800) 726-7864

Suggested Retail Price: $500

What a Wonder-ful World

ATI’s All-in-Wonder 9600XT graphics card does it all. It includes analog video capture, DVD playback with Dolby Digital audio, DVD recording, a remote control, TV tuning with program guide and personal video recorder, FM tuning with audio recorder, DirectX 9 and OpenGL support and dual-monitor support. The card comes with ATI’s Multimedia Center 8.8 software.

Suggested Retail Price: $299

Go with the Flow

VariZoom’s FlowPod is three devices in one: a monopod, an image stabilization device and (with an optional adapter) a device for shooting stabilized low-angle shots. A carrying case is available, along with a balancing plate with a clamp for attaching the FlowPod to the edge of a table.

(888) 826-3399

Suggested Retail Price: Starts at $399

Support with a Stinger

Scorpion Support’s Scorpion Brackets allow users to hold Mini DV camcorders more comfortably, as well as to accommodate more accessories, such as microphones and lights. The Mini version is designed to hold camcorders as large as the Sony DCR-TRV950, while the Small version holds camcorders as large as the Panasonic AG-DVX100.

(248) 933-2500

Suggested Retail Price: $140

Pure Magic

Applied Magic’s ScreenPlay OS version 2.7 for the ScreenPlay and Sequel standalone editors takes a tiered approach, offering several new features available at no charge, along with demo versions of new keying, pan/zoom and audio features. The full features can be unlocked with a Gold Pass passcode, available from Applied Magic.

(888) 624-4255

Suggested Retail Price: Free for basic features, $399 for Gold Pass features

More Magic

Serious Magic’s ULTRA automatically keys and places talent on virtual sets. The software comes with fifteen virtual sets, including flying camera moves, multiple angles, and places to insert video clips within scenes. Ultra is compatible with any editing program that handles DV or AVI footage.

(916) 859-0100

Suggested Retail Price: $795

From a Different Angle…

NuAngle’s 1100 Series crane extends to nine feet and holds up to nine pounds. Retracted, it extends to seven feet and holds 16 pounds, but it breaks down to only 38 inches. Extension arms to add five feet of length are also available through NuAngle, along with microphone and monitor mounts and a swivel base.

(803) 447-7703

Suggested Retail Price: $449

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