Shotgun Microphone Gives Most Directional Input

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Miking Weddings

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Further Discussion

Docupeter is right. A shotgun microphone is the most directional microphone you can have mounted on your camcorder. When you pan or tilt your camcorder, the mic’s pickup patter will swish across the scene along with the camcorder. Although having a sound recordist is ideal, it’s not practical for many wedding videographers. We’ve found that a wireless omnidirectional lav mic hidden on the groom works well for picking up dialog from both the bride and groom during the ceremony. Additionally, consider using a second camcorder with a microphone that has a broader pickup pattern than that of a shotgun to capture all the natural sounds of the event. You may find that mixing both sources of audio on your
final wedding video will give you the best soundscape of the event. Using a small audio field recorder can also be an efficient way to capture audio from different sources.

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