Real Estate Videos are Hot

Real Estate Videos are Hot


These are great insights.

These are great insights. I had no idea why there weren't more videographers working this industry. It seems like you could make a killing if you learn how to market yourself to the right people.

Thank you for your article

Thank you for your article. I'm thinking of getting into the business of real estate videography, but now I'm not so sure. I'll do more research, and try to learn how to market myself to the "5% of real estate agents who do understand the value of doing real estate video." Last week I ordered my first video camera so that should let you know I'm not even a beginner I guess I'm a pre-beginner.

Real estate... Effort and passion and video.

Fred,  You make it sound like real estate just became more of a sport, one with a learning curve. It was always marketing, a business first and dealing with people. Buyers, sellers, bankers, lawyers, appraisers.


But when the marketing extended beyond the fixed base local neighborhoods for buyers, the audience out of state, the country, solar system needed something more than ever to avoid expensive and time delaying plane tickets to tour the area, the property listings in it.


Video changed all that and makes it better use of the buyers time because it is ready for on demand open house tours right now. Round the clock. No matter what the weather, time zone. Technology allows new ways to market like we always had to... nothing new on that front. Just how we do it evolved.