Ugrip Diamond MOS Handheld Camcorder System Review

Ugrip, We Dig It

The Ugrip system is a pro camera stabilizer and organizer made up of multiple pieces which work together. Using Ugrip, we added mic receivers, hard drives, lights and handles to our prosumer camcorder, all while keeping it portable. Adding Ugrip handles, plates and fasteners to an out-of-the-box camcorder creates a wholly new tool. In fact, if you’re a video producer who enjoys adding multiple accessories to your camcorder (who doesn’t!?), then it’s likely the Ugrip system can add value to your production.

Gedda Grip

We like that our kit comes nestled in a Ugrip-branded StormCase waterproof hard case, although the parts inside seems like they can take a hit or two. Included in our Ugrip Diamond MOS Kit is a base plate similar to a tripod plate. The thick aluminum slab features a myriad of holes and mounts to attach other accessories to. Next, we have two arms and two 90-degree handles. The arms attach the handles to the base plate. The handles feature soft foam grips that feel durable, but are not so hard as to be uncomfortable. These three parts round out a basic Ugrip system, but we have more parts in our Diamond MOS Kit. We have a Ugrip Microport and a Multiport, each capable of firmly holding a camcorder accessory of choice, such as a wireless mic receiver. A Ugrip heavy-duty clamp is also included. This finely-crafted clamp is meant to be attached to the top handle of many prosumer camcorders, and it’s compatible with the other Ugrip parts, such as the Microport, Multiport and Firestore fastener (not included). The heavy-duty clamp, like the rest of the Ugrip system, features a hard-anodized black finish, aircraft-quality aluminum construction and polished bolts. For the diehard tool enthusiast, Ugrip includes a chrome-vanadium steel Allen wrench. It’s the only tool you need to assemble the product.


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Meant for Movement

We quickly attach the Ugrip system to our Panasonic HVX200 HD camcorder. Amazingly, we use only the single supplied tool for the entire setup and customization, which takes all of ten minutes. After connecting the base plate, arms and 90-degree handles, we bend and swivel the product into a handful of combinations. The 90-degree handles bend smoothly to create a more comfortable handheld shooting experience. Our wrists can now relax! We attach the handles pointing upwards, towards the sky, and slide the arms forward towards the camcorder lens. This gives us a well-balanced feel with the meaty HVX200. We hold the Ugrip with our hands at shoulder width apart, and start walking, panning and tilting. The Ugrip handles set wide provide a degree of stability that a bare camcorder just cannot compete with. Depending on our shooting situation, we can change the handles to point downward, too, giving us an advantage when making high-angle shots. We’re curious how the system will handle with a full load, so we add the Microport and Multiport, along with the heavy-duty clamp. With the Microport mounted below the camcorder, and the Multiport mounted above, we add our camcorder accessories: a mic receiver and a Focus Firestore. It’s a very sturdy way to add an accessory that we wouldn’t have been able to attach otherwise. Ugrip also supplied a LANC controller, which we added on the end of our 90-degree handle. This Bebop Zoom LANC controller doesn’t come with the kit, unfortunately, but the mount is supplied in the kit, which allows you to attach it to the grips. At first go, it didn’t jibe with our Panasonic brand camcorder, which takes a different connection. The lesson learned: make sure to do your homework when purchasing! However, we threw on a Sony HDR-FX7 just to get a feel for the LANC controller. The Ugrip system with the LANC controller gives the shooter a sense of balance and control.

Final Words

Our Diamond MOS Kit is made for the video professional, but there are more modest kits available. Just like a sports car, there’s a bit of sticker shock, but once you give it a test drive, it becomes clear that it’s worth its price.


Included Components: 2 x STA-SA01 standard arm, 2 x TIH SA01 90-degree adjustable grip, 1 x STH-SA01 standard grip, 1 x DVX-SA01 base plate, 1 x TMH-SA05 standard grip mini, 2 x TWA-SA01 arm reversed slot, 1 x HTM-MA01 heavy-duty clamp, 1 x KBP-SA01 bridge adapter, ZMO-SA01* Beebop Zoom LANC controller included separately (models range from $199-$295), Ugrip Storm Case (2300), Ugrip multi-tool

Cameras and Camcorders Accommodated: Panasonic DVX100 series, HVX200 series, Varicam series, 50Bit series, 100Bit series; JVC D9 series, GYDV and GYHD series, DR-DV series; Sony PC300 series, PD100, PDX10, PD150, HDV series, DSR 500 series, Digi Beta series, HD series; Canon HV series, XH series, XL series, DC series, XM series; Arri 235; Aaton XTR 16mm, A-Minima. Intended to fit all cameras with 1/4″ or 3/8″ mount.


  • Great craftsmanship.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Highly customizable.


  • None.


The Ugrip system is great for the video producer who loves camcorder accessories and ultra-high-quality tools.

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