Canon Elura 100 Mini DV Camcorder Review

Canon Can Do Attitude

The Canon Elura 100 is an outstanding solution for the point and shoot consumers. It’s very easy to use, compact and has some powerful features as well. We couldn’t help but wonder how much “camera” Canon can squeeze out of something so inexpensive, but we found that the results are definitely pleasing.

The Elura 100 brings a new form to the Elura Mini DV camcorder line. From the Eluras of old, it keeps its slim size and lightweight body. That’s something travel videographers will enjoy. But, this update changes its battery form and location so that the battery is now located on the left side of the camcorder, beneath the LCD (when it’s in the closed position). This further reduces the camcorder size, but unfortunately limits your options attaching much bigger and longer lasting batteries. At this time, there’s only one type of battery available for the Elura 100. For most users, this won’t be a huge problem, but you should consider shelling out some extra dough for another battery or two if you plan on shooting any events that might run long.

Move ‘Em, Move ‘Em, Move ‘Em

A side effect to the new battery location is the necessity to move everything that could once live on the left side of the camcorder to, well, anywhere else. The end result is that the back of the camcorder holds most of the controls for the Elura 100. At first, this seems like it could be problematic and crowded, but the controls were very easy to reach in that position and spaced out evenly. Additionally, the menu system is a breeze to navigate and the manual focus and exposure are equally as simple. What we really enjoy about the controls on the Elura 100 is that none of them are very cryptic. Beginning shooters will feel comfortable operating this camcorder right out of the box.

Let’s Get Specific

The Canon Elura 100 does not skimp on the finer details, offering a 20x optical zoom, onboard video light and flash, a mic input, a widescreen LCD and a 1/5″, 690K pixel (4:3 recording) CCD. It’s a nice combination of features that will not only get good video and still images, but also decent audio. The onboard mic is a strong performer on the field. It seems a little more directional than most consumer camcorders, which means that it won’t capture sound very well from sources far outside the camcorder’s angle of view. This is beneficial to shooters who want to record plays and recitals, where crowd noise could become a problem. The microphone drops off significantly past the 30-foot range, so remember if you are recording a performance, make sure to get close or make use of that microphone input.

The overall quality of sound is nice. Voices sound natural, rich and full. There were, however, several instances were operator noise was picked up on the mic. You’ll want to be careful to handle the camcorder with some finesse; otherwise, you might get some sounds of your hand moving about the side of the camcorder.


Imaging Device: 1/5″ CCD

Pixels: 1,330K Gross, 750K (16:9), 690K (4:3) Effective

Recording Media: Mini DV

Analog Video I/O: Composite

Digital Video I/O: FireWire

Image Stabilization: Electronic

Accessory Shoe: No

White Balance: Manual, Auto, Indoor, Outdoor

Still Image Mode: SD memory card or Tape

Low Light Capability: Night Program AE Mode

Headphone Jack: No, AV Jack only

Microphone Input: Yes, 1/8″ stereo

LCD: Color 2.7″ 123K

Lens Type: Fixed 3-60mm

Viewfinder: Color .33″ 113K

Aperture: f1.8

Exposure: Manual, Auto, Program AE

Filter Diameter: 27mm

Progressive Shutter Mode: No

Shutter Speed: Program AE only

Optical Zoom: 20X

Battery Type: Lithium Ion

Remote: Yes


  • Compact
  • Microphone input
  • Ease of use


  • Limited battery options
  • No accessory shoe
  • No manual shutter speed


The Canon Elura 100 is a simple, lightweight and handy little machine capable of making it through your casual shooting paces and lifestyle.

Mark Montgomery is Videomaker‘s technical editor.


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