Reader Profile – Alex Nolen

Name: Alex Nolen

Cameras: Panasonic PV-GS80

Computer: Intel-based workstation, Mac mini for multitrack sound recording

Editing Platform: Pinnacle Studios 12

Microphones: Sony UWP-V1, Sennheiser ME66, Shure SM58

Support Gear: tripod, green screen, camera lights

I just entered Drexel University as a freshman this fall in Film and Video. My friend Amy and I produced a news broadcast show called “Double-A News” with my Dad’s home video camera when I was 10 year’s old. We spent hours making episodes that ranged from Fashion Police to The Crazy Magician and our own commercials to run in between the newscasts.

After countless “Double-A News” episodes over time, I “graduated” to making a documentary of my summer day camp and a short picture film of my 8th Grade Basketball team. I updated my equipment in high school to a Panasonic PV-GS80 digital video camera, Pinnacle Studio for editing, and a green screen, tripod and camera lights. Now I am able to easily rearrange scenes. I spent hours just sitting at the computer bringing my dreams and imaginations to life cutting scenes, adding transitions, music, and special effects and titles.

I advanced into the world of film and undertaking video projects for my high school. I created a picture film for the Mother’s Club for Gwynedd HS graduating Class of 2009.

I was one of the co-presidents of our GMA-TV studio and worked with the studio crew to deliver morning announcements by controlling the camera, sound system, and other technical aspects of the studio. Recently, I worked on a film for one of my sports trainers who flew an aircraft while doing dog fighting exercises against another aircraft. I uploaded the raw footage into Pinnacle Studios from a DVD and created a short film of his experience.

Last winter I received the job of being the Varsity Girls Basketball team videographer which had me sitting down and watching more than 25 tapes of basketball. Quite a task! Besides the highlights reels for coaches, each player had their own individual shot with a slow motion effect and title with their name. Seniors said their goodbyes on tape and then I had the credits roll up next to a miniature gag reel on the other side.

As my senior year came to a close, I went through all my old footage from my time in high school and I realized what better way to use all of this footage but to create a farewell video for my classmates to remember the wonderful memories we spent together. I asked most of the teachers to say some best wishes for the class as well. For a more dramatic effect at the end of the video, I filmed the busy hallways, classrooms, and sports fields and then faded those shots to the empty hallways, classrooms and sports fields.

This past summer, I had the task of creating a banquet video for the Flourtown Swim Team. I used both underwater shots and pool shots of the swimmers. In various clips, I used the slow motion effect and reversed some of the clips that synced well with the music that was used. It turned out to be a very successful video!

For pure enjoyment, I documented my trip on a cruise to the Caribbean and created a documentary of the fabulous trip. Recently, I was asked to film a huge praise and worship conference at Corpus Christi Parish in Lansdale, PA with my father.

I feel that I am “on my way” and with technology advancing rapidly in the film business, I hope as my future starts to unfold that I will create some remarkable films to come.

Alex Nolen – Aspiring Filmmaker

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