Reader Profile – Anthony Gardner

Name: Anthony Gardner

Cameras: Sony HDR-FX7

Editing Platform: Sony Vegas Pro 8 (hopefully upgrading to 9 soon)

Microphones: Rode VideoMic Shotgun Microphone

Other Gear: Sunpak Ultra 757B Tripod, ProAm DVC200 Crane/Jib, Dolly I built with PVC pipe and inline wheels, Raynox Semi-fisheye lens


I am from Delaware, Ohio. I have been involved with video production for 10 years now. I can say I owe my love for videos to my dad and rollerblading. I got into video production when I was younger, some friends and I skated a lot and I took my dad’s video camera out a few times and really liked it. After a while I decided to save up some money to buy my own camera. I started taking it everywhere with me, recording anything and everything I could. After I got a pretty big collection of footage I decided I needed a computer to edit with. I started out editing with Pinnacle Studio 8. I edited for hours on end, learning many techniques.

Once I was in high school I joined my school’s television program. I started making all kinds of videos for the show, such as sports highlights, music videos, short movies, and more.

After graduation I finally had enough money to upgrade my camera. I bought the Sony HDR-FX7, which I love. I got into college for video production and art, which improved my skills tremendously. I created many projects for my classes, which I think are some of my best pieces to date. If anyone has the chance to do art along with videos, they should because I find lots of inspiration from art. I feel they both influence each other greatly.

Then came the 2008 soccer season, I got a call from a parent of one of the player’s on the team asking me to shoot their games and make a DVD of highlights for the seniors for their graduation. I made a DVD that was 45-minutes long with highlights, montages, slideshows, and more. I showed the DVD at the team’s banquet and got a standing ovation for the video from about 100 people. I have never had an audience like that and the feeling of it was incredible, not to mention I sold DVD copies of the video and made a couple hundred dollars. Since then I knew I wanted to be involved with video for the rest of my life.

I have received similar jobs for various videos and I have even done a few weddings. I created my own little business name and website, where you can see some examples of my work. After college I hope to enlarge the business and hire more people to help me.

I love producing videos and always will. If aspiring video producers out there aren’t sure what to do or how to do it, just go out and shoot. Practice as much as possible and get involved. Video is in demand and to receive money for something you love isn’t work at all, it is a dream come true.

Anthony Gardner – Living my Dream

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