Encoding YouTube Videos at the Highest Quality

Encoding YouTube Videos at the Highest Quality



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Hey Paul,

Thanks for the article! It leaves me a bit unclear though. Would appreciate some help from you or anyone else.

1)  You might have explained what ProRes and DNxHD file formats are.

2)  You recommend uploading high quality video formats but you don't define what you mean by this. For someone not using Final Cut or Avid, are you talking AVIs? AVCHDs?

3)  I believe you when you say YouTube will accept ProRes and DNxHD file formats but they do not list them as acceptable in their help documentation. If someone were working in Adobe Premiere Elements, would you recommend uploading the .prel file? The .camproj file from Camtasia Studio?

4)  In terms of resolution, you say the higher, the better, as long as machine time is not a factor. Would you mind defining what the low and high ends are of what you would consider to be high resolution?


Whats the point of uploading high bit rates

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Whats the point of uploading high resolution high bitrate videos if YouTube compresses the video. The compression for 1080p is 4.2Mbps 1440p is 6Mbps.

The trick is to upload something just over 1080p to get the 1440p bit rate. Same thing if your doing 1440p make it a little larger.

I haven't tested it with videos over 1440p but it works with video over 1080p. 

If you upload a video just over 1080p to get 6Mbps it will look better on a 1080p.

For some reason Youtube recomend uploading upto 50Mbps for 1080p video for creators with enterprise quality internet connections.



Try your library!!!

If your home connection is not up to the task try your local library's internet connection for uploading ProRes files; especially on weekends when the rest of the city offices are not using the connection.
For instance, my little local library has insane speed and it takes me less than a minute sometimes to upload a 500mb file. 


I question the fact that any inquiries to Videomaker by readers seem to be ignored. I see no responses to the questions here. I have submitted a few questions elsewhere and never got a reply. Why is that?

Extremely helpful article

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Extremely helpful article that demystifies the video uplodaing process for best results. Thanks.

I'm having a very difficult time getting good video results uploaded to Amazon.com. I do a lot of video reviews and no matter what I choose in ScreenFlow, the end result on Amazon always looks terrible. I'm wondering if you have any similar guidelines for uploading video to Amazon to achieve the best possible result? Amazon asks for no larger than 100MB files.