Writing Your First Screenplay

Shot of an old typewriter on a desk next to a modern camcorder


Celtx rocks, and a good book to read

Celtx is awesome, and fast to use. For years, I've used its A/V script function for marketing videos for small-business and non-profit organization to communicate to clients, and it has never failed me. In 10 minutes or less, you'll get the hang of the Tab key, switching modes and then it's a breeze to bang out a first draft that can be tweaked later, just depends on how fast you type. :) And when the database feature is used correctly with characters, actors and locations, it makes preproduction SO much easier, as you can compare the script and the database and not lose track of anything.

And out of all the scriptwriting/screenplay books I've read, none is more informative, realistic or interesting than "Writing Great Screenplays for Film and TV" by Dona Cooper, 2nd. ed.