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Sony’s CLM-V55 is a clip-on LCD monitor giving users a bigger view of footage while shooting. The monitor features an 800×480 5″ LCD panel that tilts and swivels for comfortable framing in many positions – even self-shooting. The camera-to-monitor signal connection is via a supplied HDMI cable, and powered using a battery pack or AC adapter. It comes with a detachable LCD hood for shooting in bright sunlight.

MSRP $400


ViewSonic’s DVP5 is an HD pocketcam and a mini projector. The 5 megapixel camera shoots to a Micro SD card or you can load it to external devices like mobile phones, PCs, and game and media players. The camera has a standard A/V jack for capturing, and HDMI port for output. The projector has a 640X480 VGA 4:3 output and throws an image from 6″ to 65″.

MSRP $400


Pioneer released the world’s first BDXL burner, the BDR-206MBK, which can write up to 128 GBs on a single BDXL Quad Layer disc. (Equal to 27 single layer DVDs). The drive can read BD-ROM discs, read/write triple/dual/single layer BD-R and BD-RE discs, read DVD-ROM, and read/write most DVD and CD recordable media formats. It comes with CyberLink BD software, allowing users to write to BDXL media plus author and playback BD and DVD movies.

MSRP $199

Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones has debuted the Mikey 2G for iPod, iPhone and iPodtouch, and the Mikey for Flip, designed to work with the Flip camcorder. Mikey 2G pulls power from the phone, no battery is required, and the Mikey for iPod version features a new USB pass-thru connection for charging while in use, along with new 230 degree rotation and three user-adjustable gain control settings. Mikey for Flip has a mic input jack so users can plug in an external mic assuring even better audio gathering abilities, has two setting: auto and loud (and no USB pass-thru) and uses a single AAA battery.

MSRP: Mikey 2G – $79, Mikey for Flip – $69

Midland Radio Corporation

Midland Radio released its high definition model, the XTC350 wearable video camera, which can record resolutions up to 1920x1080p. The XTC350 weighs just three ounces, takes up to a 32GB Micro SD card and is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for up to 5 hours. Midland Radio’s XTC350 can be complimented with an array of various mounts for all your shooting needs.

Price not Available by Press Time


Audio-Technica introduces the ATR2100-USB handheld USB mic for home music recording. It connects to a computer USB input with no other hardware interface needed. Ideal for recording instruments and vocals for your videos, it has both USB and XLR connections, to use with a computer, PA system or audio mixer. There is a convenient headphone output with volume control that allows the user to monitor the audio signal from the mic.

MSRP $80


SanDisk is releasing a new CompactFlash card featuring 128GBs and up to 100 megabyte per second write speeds. The 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash card is ideally suited for imaging applications requiring Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, up to 50Mbps bit rate and 4:2:2 color sampling, allowing videographers to capture more video at the highest quality.

MSRP $1,500


Sony’s new line of VAIO F series laptops with 16.0″ Full HD VAIO Display pack a powerful 3D punch – simply slip on a pair of active shutter glasses and start cutting your next 3D video.The VAIO F series uses Frame Sequential technology that alternately displays 3D images for left and right eyes at up to a 240fps frame refresh rate. The Intel Core i7 processor inside takes care of all your 2D and 3D editing needs with ease.

MSRP $1,700


Samson has introduced the Meteor Mic,a solution for recording music and vocals on your computer. Featuring a large condenser and all chrome-plated body, Meteor Mic’s fold-back leg design allows for the positioning for any recording application from acoustic guitars to vocals. Meteor Mic also has a stereo 1/8-inch headphone output for instant monitoring and a headphone volume control.

MSRP $99


Camtrol’s new Moose is a professional quality camera rig with two articulating arms that supports up to 20 pounds of camera, lenses and all the accessories you would ever need. The Camtrol Moose weighs in at 2.8 pounds and provides an ergonomically correct platform to build your camera rig upon.

MSRP $849

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