Watch out for Scams!

Don’t be Scammed!

Just a warning to all you subscribers out there. I just received a Notice of Renewal for Videomaker from National Magazine Services, a bogus organization out of Nevada. This is a scam. Forewarned is forearmed.

Joseph Sardo

Thanks for staying alert, Joseph. We’ve recently received many complaints about this company. This is among several false agencies out to steal your money and as quickly as we expose them others raise their nasty little heads. Some are just changing their names after being discovered, others are new to us, but we try to let our readers know about them when we find out who they are. There is a Magazine Subscriber Alert listing of all the false agencies we know of in every single issue of Videomaker magazine.

– The Editors

Loves Videomaker Plus

I am in the process of establishing my own video production company, and after doing a bit of research, I was fortunate enough to come across your site this morning… thank God!! I joined for the free 14 day trial and will NEVER end my membership subscription. I learned more today, reading through your site, watching the videos, reading the articles, using the product comparison tools, etc… than I have in the past 6 months. God bless you people!! Videomaker will undoubtedly be a huge part of my life as I continue to fulfill my dream in getting my very own production company up and running… and a huge part of my everyday life long after my business is officially off the ground!

A sincere thank you.

John Martellucci

Thanks, John, we like it too. Anyone who hasn’t come across the Videomaker Plus+ sign up on our website, here’s a link to the sign up page. With multiple tiers available, you can choose the option that’s perfect for you. If you ARE a member, make sure to regularly visit the Plus Membership page for an overview of all the premium resources available to you .

– The Editors

HD Confusion

I have been searching the internet for days trying to find a solution for my video problem.

I am new to HD video and it is great. I just got the new Canon VIXIA HF S21. Very cool and great quality. But I have a problem: I am shooting demonstration videos for my fly fishing company.

I need a way to take the live Composite or live HDMI output from the camera when I and shooting my videos and just display it on my 27″ iMac (Intel based). I basically want to make my screen a monitor so I can see the composition when I tie. I am a one-man shop so this would be huge. I have been looking at small external monitors in the 7″ to 10″ range but any of them with decent resolution is out of my budget now. Here is a sample of my videos . If you have any suggestions or product reviews that would be great.

Brad W. Buzzi

BuzFly Products

This question has been brought up quite a bit around the Videomaker office and we believe we have found a solution. A product by Kanex called the Kanex XD allows you to input HDMI devices via the Mini DisplayPort, however the resolution caps out at 720p and will set you back $150.

– The Editors

VM Researched Helped

Just thought I’d say that the workstation buyers guide article was great. I just built my first PC for animation, video, etc. and everything in your article was dead on. All the research that I’ve done, was in sync with the article. Its good to know I was on the right path, and your words have inspired me to continue with this magazine.

I hope that this magazine will do a section on animation and video software as well. I trust your recommendations. I would love and need that in a future issue. This is a great magazine, and now I am hooked from my first issue.

Andre E

Thanks, Andre. Our recent issue has a buyer’s guides on animation and graphics libraries with a listing of animation software companies. Good luck!

– The Editors

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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