Camcist Lets you Concentrate on the Action


Envisioned by John Hurst while filming his 10-year-old’s Pop Warner football games, the Camcist is an aiming device which allows whoever is shooting to pay attention to the action and not be glued to the LCD, while also extending the camera’s battery life. It connects to your camera via the tripod mount and is secured with a provided thumbscrew. You can find the Camcist at

Suggested Retail Price: $25

Cascade Audio, Inc.

The Vive Surround Sound Microphone records a multi-channel soundtrack that can be played back in surround sound or stereo sound on any Dolby 5.1-channel home theater system. The Vive connects to your camera through a standard 1/8″ stereo jack and can be mounted to the camera’s cold shoe or virtually anywhere else with the supplied stick-on accessory shoe.

Suggested Retail Price: $50


Samson brings its world renowned audio technology to the camcorder arena. The pocket styled Zoom Q3 camcorder has a heavy emphasis on audio – packing two condenser mics that give true stereo sound. The mics are directional and can be aimed manually, much like an audio zoom function. The Q3’s video resolution, set at a web friendly 640×480, and a built-in USB jack for convenient uploads, ultimately makes the Zoom Q3 worth a peek.

Suggested Retail Price: $250

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