DV Caddie DVCA-CK1 | Primera disc duplicator

DV Caddie

DV Caddie's DVCA-CK1 combines the DVCA-SR2 shoulder rest and DVCA-JR1 stabilizer. The combination is said to effectively distribute the weight of the camera equally between the shoulders, reducing fatigue. The contact points on the hip and shoulder are designed to increase stability while the handles allow greater control.
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Primera's XR Disc Publisher line is a modular disc duplicating system that starts with your choice of a 50- or 100-disc duplicator/printer, and can be expanded with a field-configured file server and a laminator. A Blu-ray version, dubbed the XR-Blu, is also available. The parts can also be adapted to fit into a standard 19" equipment rack.
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Bravo XR (50-disc duplicator): $3,295, Bravo XRP (100-disc duplicator): $4,995, Bravo XR-Blu (Blu-ray duplicator): $5,295, Laminator XR: $2,995, Server XR: see Web site for details

Music 2 Hues

Music 2 Hues has announced two new CDs in its Flagship Series of royalty-free production music: Funky Town, a horn-driven disc featuring guitar, bass, drums and organ; and Drum-n-Bass, a high-BPM collection for backgrounds including tracks with names like "UK Dance", "Prog House" and "Trash Man". Both include full, :60 and :30 versions.
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Starting at $48 each (Discounted when purchasing more)

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