Videomaker’s 2020 holiday gift guide

When it comes to holiday gifting for people who are deeply involved in a niche or hobby, it’s challenging to decide which ideas are worthwhile. If the hobby has become an actual gig that they invest in, it can be daunting. This is true with videographers as much as anything, but we’re here to help. You might want to find a gift that is exactly what they need to round out their gear, or something a little more fun. Either way, we’ve got you covered.


Even the most experienced shooter needs some new toys to play with. The following suggestions will surely bring a smile to their face.

Irix Cine family

The holiday season is all about family. Winner of the Videomaker Editor’s Choice Award for best budget cine lenses, the Irix Cine family brings joy to all. The line features four professional cine lenses—the Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro, 11mm T4.3, 45mm T1.5 and 15mm T2.6. The entire Cine line—winner of the 2020 Red Dot Award for best design—has something to offer every pro videographer and photographer. The Cine 150mm T3.0 1:1 Macro is the first ever Irix Cine lens and is perfect for extreme up-close macro shots. The Cine 11mm T4.3 is rectilinear and ready when you need to shoot wide. The 45mm T1.5 shoots smooth bokeh and the 15mm T2.6 fits right into any filmmaker’s gear tool kit. All four lenses are weatherproof and ready to shoot 8K UHD video. The Irix Cine family is here for the holiday season, ready to bring joy to filmmakers and photographers. Learn more at

Urban Drones Splash Drone 3 Plus

Get the impossible shot from water to air seamlessly with the Splash Drone 3 Plus. This versatile drone floats on the water and can submerge its camera below the surface like a snorkeler. At the same time, it can take to the skies, allowing you to take magical shots you never thought were possible. Just imagine shooting bird’s eye views with your Splash Drone 3 Plus where its camera can land and see underwater without special effects. Elevate your production value to high-end levels without the multi-million dollar budget. Also, best of all, covers your Splash Drone 3 Plus with a Free Accidental Warranty. Plus, if there ever is an issue, you can contact Urban Drones’ US helpful customer service.

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4k

The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is a big enough leap from its predecessor, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, to set them miles apart. It has a simple and compact feel but doesn’t lack in performance. With a high dynamic range and amazing low light capabilities, this camera is sure to take any aspiring cinematographer’s work to the next level. Key features that separate this camera from others are the multifunction handgrip, the polycarbonate build—making it extremely lightweight—and the ability to adapt PL, C and EF lenses. This allows for a unique range of versatility when shooting and looking for the right focal length. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras are also equipped with Davinci Resolve Studio, which is a software dedicated to editing, color correction and VFX. This camera is sure to give you the look and feel you desire with its simple design and advanced technology. Learn more at

Skydio 2 – Breakthrough intelligence. Impossible video. The drone you’ve been waiting for.

Skydio 2 is the drone that will get you into drones. Skydio 2 delivers advanced flight autonomy based on deep learning algorithms that constantly detect and avoid obstacles, allowing you to perform flight maneuvers that not even expert pilots would dare on any other drone. You focus on what you’re doing – riding a mountain bike, shredding snow, or lining up the perfect sunset shot – while your drone does the flying. It’s the perfect first drone, and the last one you will ever want to fly. The intelligent drone to help you discover new and exciting ways to fly. 

Starting at $999, order yours today at


Endless options for lighting exist in a wide range of prices. A videographer really can’t have too much variety of lights.

Small, mountable LED light panels

LED panel lighting will have adjustable brightness and color temperature to help capture the perfect images. Look for knobs instead of buttons to allow smooth transitions and custom tones. RaLeno’s LED light panel offers soft natural light with an acrylic light cover. Small and portable with a battery that allows around 100 minutes of continuous use, it can be attached to any 1/4-inch screw mount. Includes a USB charging cable, hot shoe head, instruction manual and a 12-month warranty.

CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II

If you want to have a bright holiday season this year, look no further than the CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II. This LED daylight light is 40 percent brighter than its predecessor and features a high CRI of Ra96+. Also, this light emits a natural-looking daylight color temperature of 5600K. The Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II has a compact size which is perfect for traveling. For $288, light the holiday season with the CAME-TV Q-55W Boltzen 55w MARK II. Learn more at

Set of 2 long LED light bars with floor stands

For studio lighting, LAHAWAHA’s long LED light panels arrive as a set of two narrow light bars measuring 16 inches long. The set includes two adjustable floor stands that reach up to 59 inches, two power adapters and a carrying case that holds everything. The light output ranges from 0% to 100% with 180-degree rotation to catch any angle. This set is lightweight so it’s easy to bring along for any scene.

Lighting accessories

These lighting accessories are giftable on their own, but they’re even better when combined with other lighting gear.

Ceiling mount set for lighting

If your videographer has a dedicated filming space and lighting already, strong ceiling mounts are a great gift. It helps to get some of the gear off the floor and out of the way when they’re working. This set of two Meking wall or ceiling mounts has a sturdy construction and boom arms that extend up to 22 inches. The attachment screw is adaptable for 3/8″ or 1/4″ components and includes the necessary mounting screws to secure each boom safely to the wall or ceiling.

Light reflectors

Lighting reflectors are a simple tool of the trade, but extremely useful on any set to help fill in shadows. Selens 5-in-1 reflectors come in a set of five, 43-inch round reflectors in different colors—silver, gold, black, white and translucent—to help capture the right color temperature. Each reflector has comfort-grip handles and they fold down to only 15 inches. The set includes a case for storage and portability.


There are many ways to capture audio but a camera’s built-in mic is usually not the best choice. Here are some helpful alternatives.

Omnidirectional lavalier microphone

This lapel clip lavalier microphone by PopVoice has the ability to pick up audio from any angle so your videographer won’t miss a sound even if the speaker turns their head. This is a great gift for anyone who is creating documentaries, filming interviews or using a narrator in their projects. This mic has 16 feet of cable excellent ratings and at this price, it’s worth giving more than one.

Sennheiser MKE 200

The Sennheiser MKE 200 is the perfect gift for the adventurous vlogger in your circle. This microphone packs a lot of cheer in a small, portable form factor. This on-camera, directional microphone is unlike other on-camera shotgun mics. You can also attach the Sennheiser MKE 200 to a smartphone, making it versatile. It’s perfect for run-and-gun videographers and mobile journalists who need a professional microphone always at the ready. It also has built-in wind protection and a shock-absorbing design, allowing it to be used in the field with confidence. For just $99, the Sennheiser MKE 200 offers professional audio recording anywhere and everywhere. Learn more at

AKG Adaptive Capsule Array

Whether you’re recording a podcast interview, a YouTube video voice-over or your next single, Lyra’s innovative AKG Adaptive Capsule Array adapts to your performance to record pristine audio. Four versatile capture modes eliminate guesswork for dialed in, professional sound: Front, Front & Back, Tight Stereo, & Wide Stereo. Lyra works seamlessly with all major audio and video production software and online platforms, and also includes Ableton Live 10 Lite recording software. Whether you’re going for a polished, modern sound or a classic vintage vibe, Lyra gives you everything you need to bring your ideas to life. Learn more at

Directional shotgun microphone

A shotgun mic can be mounted on the camera for run-and-gun filming or onto a boom stick held by the stage crew if they’re working on a set. Directional mics filter out background noise for clear, crisp audio. Comica’s CVM-V30 PRO Microphone is a great gift choice for any professional videographer on your list.

Audio-Technica AT8024 camera-mount microphone

The lightweight AT8024 camera-mount microphone attaches easily to DSLR and other video cameras to deliver sound quality that’s dramatically better than the camera’s internal microphone. Selectable line-cardioid mono and internally matrixed mid-side stereo modes provide the flexibility to focus the recording on a single sound source or widen the field for outstanding sonic realism. The AT8024 also features a three-position adjustable attenuator (-20 dB, -10 dB, 0 dB) to capture loud and soft sound passages without distortion, a switchable low-frequency roll-off, and integral rubber shock mounts to isolate the microphone from vibration and mechanical camera noise. Learn more at

Set of 48 acoustic wall panels

For anyone filming in an enclosed space, acoustic panels are a must. They help absorb sound and prevent echoes in the audio recording. It makes a huge difference in post-production and your filmmaker will thank you. SoundAssured acoustic wall panels are 12″x12″ and about 1 inch thick. Choose from 48-count packs in all black or a variety of colors for less than $50.

Camera Support

Tripods and monopods are an essential tool for a videographer and easy to gift since they’ll work well with other gear.

81″ tripod monopod

With a height of nearly seven feet, a weight-bearing capacity of 25 pounds and a 360-degree ball head, the aluminum tripod monopod from Joilcan helps videographers get creative with their shoots. Independently adjusting legs are perfect for outdoor shooting and uneven surfaces. It comes with 2 quick-release plates and a compact carry case.

edelkrone PanPRO

edelkrone closes 2020 with an exciting new product, the Pan PRO, which has the finest panning ability for edelkrone Jibs, Sliders and Dollies. The new motorized single-axis panning device can be used as a standalone unit or paired with edelkrone ecosystem products. It’s also a complete jib solution, as it adds a panning axis to JibONE for a full jib experience. Pan PRO is optimized for heavy cameras and DSLRs with its 30 lb (13.5 kg) carrying capacity. One of Pan PRO’s biggest features is its ability to be hand-controlled, enabling its users to manually adjust the pan angle without the need for a remote control. Learn more at

63″ travel tripod

Regetek’s travel tripod slides out to a full height of 63 inches and compresses down to 22 inches to fit into its carrying case. Weighing less than three pounds, it sets up easily with no tools and is compatible with nearly any camera. This tripod set includes a universal phone holder adapter so they’ll never miss an opportunity, even without their camera.

Heavy-duty tripod dolly

To help your favorite filmmaker capture action and movement without shaky images, considering giving them Neewer’s tripod dolly. Their tripod attaches to the dolly. Then, it can be wheeled across the floor in smooth motions instead of being carried by a person trying to step carefully. This one has rubber wheels to prevent floor noise and works well with most tripods.

Gear Bags

Getting gear from one place to another can be tricky. Give them a bag that’s made for the job.

Compartment backpack for camera and gear

It may look like any standard backpack but the interior of this nylon camera backpack made by Besnfoto is designed to protect video gear. The interior has dividers that velcro to the walls so the size of each space suits the cameras, lenses, and other gear. Plus, there’s a separate compartment for a laptop.

16×9 OR-16 Travel Camera Bag

Looking for the perfect gift for that special videographer or photographer in your life? The OR-16 keeps cameras and accessories safe when traveling and flying. Every bag features a rolling trolley system, storable backpack straps and honeycomb frame. The bag’s durable construction, thirteen adjustable internal dividers, and waterproof zippers ensure maximum protection of any gear you store inside. Additionally, the bag features a padded sleeve for laptops up to 17″, an external USB port, multiple accessory pockets and two external straps for a small tripod or monopod. The OR-16 Travel Camera Bag will protect your loved one’s gear all year round. Learn more at

Vintage style messenger bag

If the videographer you’re seeking gifts for isn’t typically a backpack user, they might love Kattee’s canvas messenger bag instead. The stylish retro design includes leather straps and brass-toned buckles. Inside, you’ll find adjustable padded compartments to keep everything safe.

Memory card carrying case

When filming, it’s important to keep memory cards organized. The memory card carrying case by Gracetop is a thoughtful gift idea to save them from lost-card nightmares. The pages hold up to 22 memory cards and it includes a multi-functional card reader, compatible with several devices. It’s a lifesaver for on-location shoots.


Here are some suggestions for the video editor in your life.

Editing shortcuts keyboard for Premiere Pro

Editing takes a lot of time, and there are a lot of shortcuts to remember. The Editor Keys Adobe Premiere Pro shortcut keyboard helps cut down editing time. Clearly labeled shortcuts and color-coding saves time and frustration. It works with PCs, Macs and most laptops.

BenQ photo and video editing monitors

“Stop sacrificing color accurate results. It’s your vision. Let us help you realize it.”

“Capture the moment with SW270C, 27-inch 2K Photo Editing Monitor with HDR10 support, and USB-C connectivity on an IPS panel with Uniformity Tech for screen-wide color accuracy.

TIPA Best Professional Photo Monitor 2020, SW321C 32-inch 4K Photo and Video Editing Monitor with HDR10/HLG support empowers your brilliance.

Both AQCOLOR displays cover 99% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB, with 95% and 97% coverage of P3, respectively.
You put everything into your work. So we put everything into our award-winning professional monitors. Let’s create together.”
Learn more

ShuttleXpress multimedia controller

Help them improve their post-production workflow with a ShuttleXpress multimedia controller by Bluecoil. This hub has four USB ports, one mini-USB port and five programmable buttons. The built-in app detector makes moving between editing apps easy, and it’s compatible with Mac and PC. Also, it comes with a pack of five reusable velcro cable ties to keep cords tidy.

AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card

This year, give your computer the power of the AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card. It offers a new standard for creating UHD and high-res content. At the same time, you won’t have to break your budget. The AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card is built on the trusted Vega20 GPU architecture. It features up to 6.5 TFLOPS, 16GB of high speed HBM2 memory with an extreme 1024 GB/s memory bandwidth offering greater tool interaction and media playback. You can connect up to six DisplayPort 1.4 compatible displays and get up to 8K resolution at 60Hz when using a single display. For $1,899, the AMD Radeon Pro VII graphics card empowers both your computer and your content workflow. Learn more at

Cool extras

Gifts can be personal, useful or fun depending on how well you know the recipient. Here are a few extra ideas to inspire you.

Microphone DeadCat

Scene clapboards

Director’s chair

Fun T shirt


Even if you don’t know the filmmaker on your list very well, or know very little about filmmaking, it’s possible to put together a great gift they’ll be sure to appreciate. And, if it just happens that YOU are the filmmaker in question, go ahead, get yourself something nice. It’s been a long year, you deserve it.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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