Adobe Sneaks shows what AI tech can really do for video creators

At this year’s Sneaks at Adobe MAX, it’s all about Adobe Sensei. Adobe’s AI tech is changing the way creatives work and why will Adobe likely stay king for years.

Sneaks kicked off on Wednesday with Adobe’s Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist, Paul Trani Comedian Tiffany Haddish also dropped in as Trani’s co-host. The two unveiled a great number of new technologies that left the audience hopeful and excited for AI and the future of Adobe programs.

Adobe Sensei is paving the way to the future

There were a lot of new technologies at Sneaks this year, each with their own unique features. However, the majority of them had this in common: They were powered by Adobe Sensei. Let’s take a quick peek at these Sensei-powered technologies:

Project Smooth Operator

It’s a pain having to re-crop video to get varying aspect ratios. This is where Smooth Operator comes in. Adobe Sensei can automatically re-crop a video into multiple new aspect ratios and still keep all the important subjects and objects in the frame.

Project Fontphoria

Fontphoria, as described by Adobe, is a “glyph morphing and generation system that smartly manages the representation of glyphs smoothly” without creating or modifying any font. Sensei can also generate complete alphabets and fonts from just one single letter glyph or word. Fontphoria uses Adobe Sensei to convert an image into a glyph and apply its style to other glyphs.

Project Fast Mask

In Fast Mask, Sensei can select an object in a video and apply a mask across multiple frames in the video. This seems like it will save video creators a ton of time — the process looks practically automatic.

Project Kazoo

Do you need music for your video? Project Kazoo can convert your singing voice into a musical instrument. In the demo, all the tool needed was a recorded voice. Adobe Sensei takes over after that. So you can hum a tune and convert your voice into a violin or any number of other instruments.

Project Moving Stills

Project Moving Stills is an insane tool that can essentially turn still photos into videos with depth. It animates a 2D image into a 3D image as it moves across the photo. This is all automatically done by Sensei in a single click and the results are something that would take a pro hours to do.

Other projects showcased at Sneaks

Project Brush Bounty

Project Brush Bounty enables adding simple motion to illustrations using brushes — creating movement like raindrops while you paint or sketch.

Project Fantastic Fold

Fantastic Fold analyzes a dieline file and automatically determines the folded 3D shape. It also determines interactive mapping between the 2D and 3D representations.

Project Waltz

Project Waltz is a mobile app that controls 3D virtual cameras — seemingly allowing you to capture more natural footage of your 3D models.

Project Model Morph

Model Morph is a tool that lets you scale objects quicker, while still preserving symmetry and eliminating distortion.

Project Good Bones

Vector graphics can get pretty complex. Project Good Bones enables intuitive and shape-aware editing of complex vector graphics. It looks at the shape of the graphic and connects it to a skeleton. It then automatically adds segment handles and ‘bones’ for easier animations — hence the name.

Adobe will continue to lead the industry

There was a clear message at Adobe Sneaks this year. While there was a ton of exciting and useful projects revealed at the event, it all pointed to one thing: Adobe is leading the industry and that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future. Adobe’s AI technology is like nothing we’ve ever seen and it’s only in its infancy.

For more on each of these Sneaks, check out Adobe’s blog.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's Managing Editor.

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