About Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of information that's sent to your browser – along with an HTML page –
when you access a particular site. When a cookie arrives, your browser generally saves this information
to your hard drive; when you return to that site, some of the stored information will be sent back to the
Web server, along with your new request.

Here at, cookies are used to keep track of how many users are
visiting the site, to register users email addresses, and to verify that only subscribers are allowed
to view Club Vid content. In order to view some of the content of, you
will have to be willing to accept a few cookies. You can rest assured though that we are not using
cookies for some marketing scheme or to send information about you to other websites. The cookies placed
on your computer will only be read by, and will never be sent to another
web server. Don't believe me? Read our official privacy statement

To set your browser to accept cookies, look in the “Advanced” section of your browser's
Preferences module. Under “Cookies”, you'll see where you can set it to accept cookies.
If you are having trouble, you can always email me at