Videomaker FAQs


Q. What is Videomaker Magazine?

A. Videomaker Magazine is the world’s most popular monthly consumer video production publication covering the use of camcorders, video editing, computer video and audio/video production. Includes industry news, buyer’s guides and product reviews of camcorders, editing equipment and software and accessories. Videomaker Magazine gives clear and concise step-by-step instruction on video production for all skill levels – from beginner to professional.

Used in conjunction with Videomaker Online, you won’t find a more comprehensive source of video production information anywhere in the world.

Videomaker’s editorial staff is a team of video production experts from various backgrounds in broadcast, streaming media, computer technology and other disciplines. Videomaker editors use the tools they write about and shoot and edit video regularly. Videomaker is dedicated to reporting on behalf of our readers.

Videomaker Magazine is published monthly and is available on select newsstands and to subscribers


Q. How do I subscribe to Videomaker Magazine?

A. You can order from our online order form, by phone or postal mail.

  • Online- Please fill out the order form on this secure website. You can choose to pay today with a credit card (We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) or to be billed.
  • By Phone- You may call our customer service line toll-free at (800) 284-3226. We are in the office Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST)
  • By U.S. Mail- If you prefer to subscribe by mail, please contact us at:
    P.O. Box 3780
    Chico, CA 95927
Q. When will my Videomaker Magazine subscription begin?

A. A new subscription will begin within 6-8 weeks of the time that your subcription request is received. Please allow additional time for Canadian and International subscriptions due to the added delivery time.

Q. I am in the military. May I subscribe to Videomaker Magazine?

A. Yes, Videomaker magazine does offer subscriptions to APO/FPO addresses.

Q. Why am I receiving bills when I only requested a free trial?

A. Sometimes, Videomaker Magazine makes subscription offers which include free trial issues. If, after receiving your free trial issues you do not wish to continue your Videomaker Magazine subscription, just write “cancel” on your billing invoice and return that to us. You will owe us nothing.

Q. Why do I continue to receive billing invoices after I have paid for my subscription?

A. Occasionally your payment and our billing invoices will cross in the mail. Please allow approximately four weeks processing time. If you have already mailed your payment, please simply disregard any further billing invoices.

Q. If I choose to use my credit card when I order on Videomaker Magazine‘s order page, is it safe?

A. Yes, the Videomaker Magazine order form is on a secure site.

Q. I already ordered Videomaker Magazine. May I pay by credit card?

A. Yes, if you have not made any payments on your account, please call our customer service line at (800) 284-3226, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PST).

Q. If I already canceled my subscription, why am I still getting billing invoices?

A. If you ordered through an agency (such as, EBSCO or QSP, for example) please check with that agency to ensure that the cancellation request was received and processed. The agency will handle all customer service issues.

If you ordered directly from us, please note that there is a processing time of approximately four weeks. If you should receive additional billing invoices, please disregard them.

Videomaker eNews

Q. What is Videomaker eNews?

A. Videomaker eNews is our opt-in email newsletter for video production enthusiasts. It offers news, tips, event information, discounts on Videomaker event passes and more.

Q. When can I expect Videomaker eNews to arrive?

A. You can choose to have Videomaker eNews sent to you once a week or daily (Mon – Fri). Sign up here.

Q. Will you give or sell my e-mail address to anyone?

A. NO. Please see our privacy policy.

Q. How do I change my email address?

A. Click on the “Edit Profile Preferences” link near the bottom of any Videomaker eNews.

Q. I’m currently getting messages five days a week, but that’s too often for me. How do I switch to receiving it weekly?

A. Click on the “Edit Profile Preferences” link near the bottom of any eNews message. Deselect “Daily Newsletter” and select “Weekly Newsletter.”

Q. I signed up and expected to get access to a Free Report.  Where can I find those?

A. Go to your email and open one of the eNewsletters, then scroll to the bottom.  Click the link for “Edit Email Preferences”.  This will take you to the page that lists your Free Reports.

Q. How do I unsubscribe?

A. Click on the “unsubscribe” link near the bottom of any Videomaker eNews.


Q. How do I use the shopping cart?

A. When you find something you want to buy, click “add to cart.” You can view your cart anytime by clicking “view shopping cart.” When you are done shopping, go to “checkout” to verify your cart and make your purchase.

Q. What are your shipping rates?

A. They are automatically calculated by the Store. We use live rates from the USPS and UPS to calculate shipping charges.

Q. How do I get a refund for Videomaker merchandise?


Q. What are cookies and how does use them?

A. A cookie is a small piece of information that’s sent to your browser – along with an HTML page – when you access a particular site. When a cookie arrives, your browser generally saves this information to your hard drive; when you return to that site, some of the stored information will be sent back to the Web server, along with your new request.

Here at, cookies are used to keep track of how people use the website, authenticating users (logging in to the store, etc.) and showing advertisements. In order to view some of the content of, you will have to be willing to accept a few cookies. The cookies placed on your computer will only be read by Please read our privacy policy.

To set your browser to accept cookies, look in the “Advanced” section of your browser’s Preferences module. Under “Cookies”, you’ll see where you can set it to accept cookies. If you are having trouble, please email our Webmaster.

Videomaker Plus Membership

Q. Will I be automatically billed or will I receive a renewal notice via regular mail or email?

A. Plus Membership is a monthly recurring automatic-renewal program. It will be billed on the same day each month, except in the case that your first charge is on the 31st of a month, then it will be charged on the last day of each month (for example: Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 31, Apr 30, etc).

Q. How do I reset my Videomaker Plus Membership password?

A. Please go to
Click on (request new password)
Enter user name or email address
The instructions will be emailed to you.  Please read the instructions carefully, the link is only good for ONE use!  If you have further trouble, please email us with details at

General Questions

Q. I have a technical question regarding some video equipment or specific product recommendations.

A. Although we do wish we could spend direct time with all of our customers, we operate with a small staff and limited time.  our editors cannot give personal product or technique recommendations.

However, we can recommend a few sources of information.

  • Post a question in the videomaker forums.
  • You can find an index in every December issue of Videomaker Magazine that lists, among other things, all of the product reviews we’ve published during that previous year. The December issue also indexes buyer’s guides and feature stories describing entire categories of video products. You can obtain back issues of the magazine in the Videomaker store.